the week: August 14-19 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

While our anniversary landed on a Monday and we were without a car or groceries (not the most ideal situation), Jessica was nice to take us to get some food.

Tuesday we did our car fixed which now runs beautifully. Our weeks are often busy but Tuesdays are the worst between cubscouts and activity day girls. This week we made homemade ice cream in a bag and played missionary tag. After that I hurried and went to the Rec Center to vote for our primary elections for Mayor and congress. Even though I didn't feel like going I knew I needed to do my duty. Then I picked up Bronson who waited for me and got groceries. We didn't end up sitting down for dinner until 9pm. *Sigh* Can you understand now why when I have no energy/motivation to go on a run, do the laundry, clean, etc when you finish dinner so late.

I failed to mention this last week but we were able to tour the new MTC. It was so much fun reminiscing about our missions, our experiences in the MTC. We went with Ben & Sydney Nelson. Ben is an intern at Intermountain with Bronson this summer, and Sydney happened to be in one of my BYU wards before my mission.

On Wednesday, I stayed extra late at work because I'm covering for the activities director this week. We had a performer come so I needed to get the patients to the "living room" to listen and take them back to their rooms. He played all the songs from the 20s to 40s and the patients sang along -- it was one of those cute moments of life.

Thursday we got to celebrate with Jessica for passing the PRAXIS (the teaching license test) by taking her to Cafe Rio. I love these summer evenings we have -- not quite ready for that fall and winter weather to roll in.

Friday we went to the Dry Bar Comedy on center street. Its a comedy bar (sans alcohol!). It was so fun! You can watch some clips on YouTube, but I found its way more fun to watch live in person. Clayton & Cecily hooked us up with the tickets and it was fun to go with them.

Saturday we had to stay local since I needed to go into work in case a patient was coming and we spent time running/walking -- I can't even run 1/2 block before my knee starts killing me, so discouraged about that! But I walked and listened to a good podcast. Bronson mowed the lawn while I cleaned the apartment. Spending a very good amount of quality time with our bathtub -- scrubbing and scrubbing. Lately I've just felt never "on top of life". There is always something to clean, something to put away, something to make, and its just getting frustrating. 

In the afternoon we went shopping to the places we had gift cards for (one still from our wedding!). The best part of the day was going to the rec center with the Johns family. They've got great slides -- I was so much more impressed than Seven Peaks. 

You only second anniversary once

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

While technically our anniversary is on August 14th, a Monday, we celebrated our second anniversary this weekend via a staycation! I think the very best thing Bronson & I have done this year is to treat our town and state as if we were tourists. This motivates us to see and experience where we live and has in turn has made me love where we live more and more. And secondly, I'm grateful we have a car. The reason I didn't go more than a two mile radius of my apartments Freshman through Junior year is because I didn't have a car.

We celebrated the best way we know how -- exploring a city, eating good food, getting free deals, and of course, spreading extra butter on our rolls.

On Friday night I braved the traffic and picked up Bronson from work and we headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory in SLC. Very appropriate considering thats where we ate after we got engaged. You could coin that as us being sentimental, or we just really like their food. Their sourdough bread makes Olive Gardens breadsticks taste like cardboard. While we were in good spirits as soon as we pulled off the exit waiting for our light to turn green, our car had the equivalant to a human seizure and shut off. The oil gage was jumping back and forth while it violently shook. The thought "Its giving up the ghost" crossed my mind...and I was sensing a soon to be empty saving account. Bronson kept restarting the car and finally something worked and the car proceeded. Only to repeat the same exact thing at every stop light, stop sign or moment of idling. YAY! Just how we wanted our staycation to start! We finally made it to the restaurant with lost appetites as we were worried about the car. An hour later we got back in the car, said the longest, most detailed prayer of our lives, and SUCCESSFULLY arrived at the hotel. No problems. Phew.
We are definitely gluten tolerant people.

Our best kept secret is finding hotel deals at through their express deals. Basically you tell them what dates you need a hotel and what city, you find the price you're willing to pay, and they book you a hotel at random and send you an email confirmation listing the hotel. I had no idea this was a thing until Bronson showed it to me. We used it for Hawaii, Park City and now SLC. Although we can manage to get a 4-star hotel for $60, we also manage to get the rooms with the best  NO view -- like of the alleyway, the garbage dumpster, and the concrete parking lot. So fancy.
Oh and I forgot to mention, we got 2 Full size beds I swear that was not a queen. So you are looking at His & Hers bed. No joke.

Saturday morning we walked to the Farmers market and realized we were NOT in UT County anymore. Then grabbed Bruges Waffles & Frites for brunch and then headed to the Clark Planetarium. After spending some time at the Planetarium, we needed to kill time before our IMax movie (Which we had free tickets for part of the Visit Salt Lake Pass). We spent time at the Gateway mall and went back to the Planetarium for our National Parks 3D Movie. We both LOVED the video -- makes you want to see EVERY National Park and even more grateful for this beautiful earth we get to enjoy.

I made B stop for a picture and he turned around and said, "Oh why couldn't you like painting instead of photography!" 

There is no selfie quota when its your anniversary!
I think I need a real life prescription for more belgium waffles in my life for overall well being and health. 

After the movie we walked back to the hotel for some swimming in the outdoor pool. I remember when we made our road trip to Nauvoo, Illinois when I was 10, my dad made certain to find a hotel with a swimming pool at every single stop. Hotels make me giddy. I love the beds, the sheet, the pillows, ahhh, and I don't even mind paying someone for a weekend to make my bed and replenish the complimentary shampoo & conditioner. CLEARLY we had fun with the new "rewind" feature on Instastories on Instagram.

Post swimming, we walked to Temple Square and enjoyed a Lion House Pantry dinner (compliments to the Visit Salt Lake pass, again!) It was really yummy. Well, mostly the roll, which I splurged with extra butter of course. We walked around the temple and then City Creek before heading back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we got ready to go to Music and the Spoken word, and having missed a fine print detail of having to be in our seats at 9:15, we missed it. We still went towards Temple Square and walked through the Visitor Centers -- its SO nice to go on a Sunday when no one is there, unlike conference time. We sat by the temple and waited for the Sacrament meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. General authorities sitings: 0. Truly disappointed.

We made our way to West Jordan to drop off the solar eclipse glasses we grabbed for them and see the cutest kids in Utah. If only I got a picture of Claire scrunching her nose. The Johns make a mean dish of nachos and salsa which we sat around the table eating. We came home and since we didn't have groceries... i made cookies. SUPER yummy ones. We talked about our favorite memories we've made so far, and it was hard to decide. We mentioned camping, backpacking, hiking, training for our 10K -- so basically anything outdoors. But, overall, Hawaii has probably been our favorite experience together so far.

here & there

Friday, August 11, 2017

Some events that happened during the week that I don't want to forget about

Activity Day Camp
On Tuesday we met up with all of the girls to go to Camp Jeremiah Johnson for Girls Day Camp. It was so hot and a bit exhausting (ie: girl gets car sick and throw ups .25 miles away before camp. Ahhh, I was not a hero in this moment, I don't do well at all around throw up. 

The beauty of living in Utah is the vast majority of LDS which allows something like this to be possible. The camp was well organized with teenager guides and we did a variety of activities, making dolls out of paracord -- undoubtedly their favorite part, boat tag, "rock" climbing, BB gun shooting, archery, and team building activities. It was only an 8 hour ordeal, but I was so happy to come home at night. I couldn't imagine doing a week long camp like girls camp. I really questioned if I could stay LDS if that was the case. 

Bronson surprised me and as I walked through the door that evening was a bouquet of roses. Say what?? It made me realize "just because" is my new favorite occasion of all. On a sticky note he wrote "They're not tulips, and they're probably the wrong color but hopefully they'll do."

Last week I read Bronson's journal. It didn't take too long when Years 2014-2017 only take up less than 1/4 of the journal ;) It was fun to read about what really mattered to him, like installing a bluetooth speaker in his car, and interviewing for jobs. As I read I learned of how Bronson was stressed about all the financial responsibilities for when we got married that he couldn't enjoy preparing for the wedding. Probably should have figured that part out 2 years ago. Or how when he met me the words he used to describe me: "rock solid girl" twice in the same sentence. We both believe that there are a million people you could marry -- there isn't just one person -- but I think it is interesting that the Spirit was preparing us both individually around the same time. I remember having this distinct impression in the Buenos Aires Temple as I was returning home that in my new ward I would meet the man I was going to marry and be in the RS Presidency. I met Bronson on the first Sunday and got called on the second Sunday. And in August in Bronson's journal he wrote about dating and how he felt he needed to make it a priority in his life to date and if he found someone that liked him back he would pursue it. 
 The ONLY thing I've managed to maintain from "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" is for the most part keep my clothes in color order. I obviously like my blacks, blues, and grays. I just thought it was funny i have ONE yellow shirt and ONE red shirt. Real spicy wardrobe.

On Wednesday after work, I felt prompted to go see my Grandma Julia, so I stopped by to say hello. It was just a few days before the anniversary of my grandpa's death and I wanted her to know how grateful I was that she took care of him during his final years. She was named "Resident of the Month" at her Senior Living Facility. She gave me a copy of the bio they did about her. I didn't realize how much of a world traveler she was thanks to her first husband's job as a chemist. Julia is one unique lady. I hope to be as good of shape as her when I'm 87!

One of my greatest accomplishments this summer was creating and printing Daymon's mission letters book. For about a year I worked on making my own mission book and I would spend 10 hours every week on campus using their computers and then once I graduated I just stopped. I was looking for some sort of software that was free, easy to use and had all the tools I needed to create an extensive book. In March, I created this 50 page book for my mom for her 65th birthday (if you wait long enough, the pictures will load!) So I decided I could use the same software and create a book for Daymon's mission letters. I needed some sort of deadline to help get me to finish. This project was more about starting something and finishing it! #mysummerfeat

Kyna's wedding in St. George

Sunday, August 6, 2017

We just returned from a fabulous weekend in St. George. We welcomed this weekend in very warmly after having to suddenly cancelling our camping plans with our friends Jai & Brittany because Bronson had a fever and throwing up. And then on Saturday we spent 3.5 hours in the Jiffy Lube not counting the 2 hours I spent there on Monday to finish what they didn't get to on Saturday.

Needless to say we were happy to escape to St. Gorgeous for one of my most favorite mission companions wedding. We are lucky to have Bronson's grandpa live in that area to stay for the weekend. Saturday we woke up bright and early to be in the temple in time for a 7:20 sealing. A few words to remember from what the sealer taught was: "You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to be worthy. Now that you're married, lower your expectations. Daily strive for a celestial marriage now that you've had a temple marriage."

Kyna was the most beautiful bride -- even at 7:20am! I thought about Kyna all week as she's been preparing and planning for this wedding without her mother who passed away while she was in high school. While we didn't know a single soul they were kind to treat us like family. Although we sure didn't look like family since we weren't wearing cowboy boots, rodeo award belt buckles or western white shirts. The horse picture is because Kyna is a cowgirl... she won the state championship in Breakaway roping. Look at her dress.

We got home from the brunch and spent some time helping Grandpa & Judy with projects around the house and then headed off to Zions National Park. It took us an hour to get there, we spent an hour there, and drove the hour back. It was too quick for us but we've been itching to see it, and we can't wait to go back again this fall. While Zions was beautiful, I LOVED driving through Rockville, a town of about 300 people right before the park entrance and admiring their cute homes, bed and breakfasts and old fashion church. We didn't have time to do any of the hikes so we rode the shuttle round trip around the park. We didn't do Zion's right since we left with way less than 10,000 steps for that day. But we got to appreciate the beauty for what we had time to do. We got back in time for Dan and Judy to take us to dinner at Gun Barrel. If we hadn't woken up at 5:45 that morning I totally would have had an evening walk around St. George but I was nearly dead. One of my favorite parts of the trip was spending time looking at a scrapbook made for Bronson's grandparents of their 50th anniversary present. Praying my children look as cute as Bronson when he was a boy.

Sunday we went to church and had a delicious lunch and homemade peach cobbler from their tree! They taught me how to make gravy -- and with confidence! They invited Kay Wilson over, a first cousin to Elder Dallin H. Oaks. I kept thinking they were brothers because they look and talk so similarly.

After lunch we made our way back to Provo and while we had originally planned to make a detour to Cedar Breaks National Monument, they've had various fires in that area and didn't want to risk having to turn around, we stopped by Kolob Canyon which is part of Zions (its the back side of Zions), as recommended by Judy. We were driving on the red asphalt unsure about the "wowness" of the canyon only until we turned around a corner and Bronson and I simultaneously and a very audible gasp followed by a "WOOOOOW" it was stunning. We stopped at a few view points and its even more majestic when you're out of the car looking at it.

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