Beautiful fall

Friday, October 13, 2017

I spent too long trying to think of a creative way to say the mundane things: work, school, laundry, etc. And I got nothing. But in order to have something to show for another week lived heres what happened.

Last week ended on a good note -- we finally got a check in the mail we had been waiting for ... for months! We paid this company to amend our taxes (total legal, don't worry) to help us a get a better tax return. I thought of the number of shoes I could buy and Bronson thought of the number of months it'd pay for next semester tuition. Darn. This is where I would have put the high-five emoji for more shoes.

Friday I got home late from work, we grabbed some food with Jessica and Daymon and went to the homecoming game. There were no biting on nails and holding our breath kind of game. I was so cold and tired, I left half-way through and took a nap in our car. #mostlyloyalfan

Saturday morning after going to bed way to late for a losing game, we got up at 7am (which on the Weekend feels like 3am) for a life insurance health screening. Once she collected her samples, I quickly escorted her out of our house and escorted myself back to bed. Like I said, it felt like 3am.

That afternoon we went to the Homecoming Spectacular featuring Kristen Chenoworth and GENTRI. Bronson and I have for gone 4 years in a row to the Spectacular and I'm tapping my foot wondering when my loyalty discount or stamp card is coming! We (read mostly "I") love supporting the arts. The performance was UNBELIEVABLE. I wish everyone could have seen it live. Kristen was hilarious and completely commanded the stage with her charisma. The GENTRI boys made me wish they were the actors for Les Mis with their Les Mis melody arrangement. And one thing I was certain about was there are a million talented people at BYU. Like there were hundreds of BYU students performing and ALL of them were good. There was no mediocre performance.

After the spectacular we went shopping for some jeans. Bronson got lucky and found a pair of pants that happened to be mis-tagged and instead of $40 they rang up for $5.99 we will TAKE IT. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Actually, we did ask, like good honest citizens if that was correct and the cashier shrugged and said it was. It wasn't, we all know that, but we don't need to change it.

Since we were by the University mall, we stopped by the food court to the new fast-casual German Restaurant called "Rimmels." A couple from Germany happened to move into our ward a few months ago to start this restaurant. I've gotten to know Miriam pretty well since she is the choir conductor and I'm the pianist. I feel like ward choir can easily become one of those back burner callings -- where people just do it to do it, but she totally takes her calling seriously and its inspiring to see that. Her and her husband are HARD WORKERS. They've put all of their savings into this and it was fun to visit them and have them serve us. If you are in the area -- check it out! It was our first taste at German food and we are SOLD.

Pretty darn obsessed with things that smell good. And these cleaning products do. And look pretty. It's maybe the encouragement I need to clean the dishes so YOU DO YOU. 

Couldn't find my keys at 9pm to pick up Bronson. YIKES. Good thing I live in the safety county in the world. #worldrecordsetter (I've done this tooooo many times though)

After dinner, Bronson and Daymon went to the BYU women's soccer game. Sunday after church we went on a drive through the Canyon to see the leaves because we had some serious FOMO. And I guess 50% of Utah County also felt the same way -- it was busy and crowded. And originally I thought, how cool so many people have come out to experience nature and see God's creation, and then thought, nope its probably just for an instagram picture. Don't you dare think thats what my picture on instagram was about either! It's for memories sake!!!!

We came home to finish making homemade Lion house rolls (i'm pretty darn proud of them!), mashed potatoes (okay, proud of that too!), and baked a salmon for the first time! Daymon caught some fish before coming to Utah and was nice enough to share with all of us. Salmon is by far my favorite meat.

Our week has been pleasant -- and by pleasant, I mean we are trying to not let the number of job interview rejections get us down! There have been more rejections than invitations. This job thing might be a bit more difficult than I thought, but not much phases Bronson so that's good (IT PHASES ME THOUGH!).

Some things that you'll find us doing alot: Watching Designated Survivor. I hate recommending shows because I believe people never appreciate them as much as you do. But this is one show I can't stay silent about -- I've LOVED IT.  I can neither confirm nor deny whether we watched 21 episodes in one weeks time.

Listening to this podcast. It's a favorite among my sisters.

I finally got a butter dish and I'm pretty happy about it. Don't ask why I spent $14 of credit card reward money on it (I could have bought 16 sticks of butter with that $$)

This a new favorite product -- don't have kids -- but what an awesome gift for any child. You put in a childs name and gender and it creates a customized book.

Bronson's been running a few times a week and I've been walking -- he'll be running a half marathon at the end of the month and I continue to cry that my knee isn't working better.

I made my first homemade pumpkin pie this week. I went to Enrichment on Tuesday (it's been so long since i have been, I felt like an inactive coming back to church! haha I was actually alittle nervous!) and we made pie crust. So on Wednesday, I broke all healthy eating laws and made homemade pizza because Bronson has been begging for weeks. And made the pie filling too. Yep, proud of that pumpkin pie. I sat in the kitchen for an hour just to get the motivation to clean it all up. I've been telling Bronson how I need to lose weight. And then proceeded to have a piece of pie for dinner tonight. Haha... #life.

Pics from our sunday drive up the canyon. And we found snow! Yes, thats not snow and not really bad dandruff.

snow makes him happy I guess. ;) 

a general conference weekend

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I wish General Conference weekends went in half-speed time so we could enjoy everything alittle bit longer.

On Friday, I did what I do best and took off work so I could spend the day with my parents, sisters and their daughters. I made cookie dough before I left so we could all experience some Levain copy-cat cookie goodness. We spent the day doing what us Lewis's do best... TALKING. We talked. We ate cookies. Talked some more. Watched family home videos. Went to Zupas and talked some more. That evening we did baptisms at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple with Seth & Preston, Ondalynn and Julia, Alice-Anne and Kenna, my parents, and Bronson. It was Julia and Preston's first time. All three kids turned 12 in three consecutive months -- and per Lewis tradition, attended General conference to commemorate that. Hispanics have quincerna, Jews have Bah mitzvahs and we... have General Conference.  We always waited anxiously for Claire to wake up from her naps so we could play with her. She instantly has 10 peoples attention at any given moment.

After the temple we watched BYU lose to Utah state (lameeee!) and ate some yummy dinner. Saturday -- it was a cold rainy day, Bronson and I enjoyed watching conference from home. I feel asleep a bit more than I would have liked, but thank goodness they're recorded. After priesthood, Daymon, Bronson and I went to Sweeto Burrito. Sunday, I repented by not falling asleep again -- but made sure that I worked on a brain-less project during conference to keep me awake. In between sessions I made some chicken noodle soup and lion house bakery rolls (#newobsession) for dinner at the Johns house.

During the week Bronson had a big interview with the CEO and VP of a small company and we are just crossing our fingers something happens. Bronson said it was an hour long interview -- and nothing about that sounds fun! Send your prayers this way!

Bronson is really good about biking everyday -- but I 
obliged to give him a ride the day he wore a suit. :) 

Earlier in the week we met with my cousin, a financial advisor to make sure we're doing all we are supposed to financially as adults. Trying to chip away at our overly ambitious dream of retiring at 60. ;) We have our life insurance health screenings this weekend -- because you know I'm dying to pay for life insurance more than clothes, Hulu, and, oh, did I mention clothes?
 I also grabbed lunch with some old roommates - Lauren and Caitlin. We roomed maybe 5 years ago, but picked up where we left off.
They are the reason I survived, did well, was happy, enjoyed life... seriously that apartment of girls created a bedrock of confidence for my life. Wish I could have visted with the other 3.

the perma-rainy weekend

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another week!

On Wednesday, we had Daymon and Jessica over for some white chicken chili. I was really ambitious one more before work and dedicded to start a crock pot soup. Turns out it was a very bad idea to cut onions post-makeup since I had to redo the face before I left for work.

Earlier on in the week, what I thought was my brother Seth texting me saying he was going to be in Provo and wanted to get dinner on Thursday. When I went to pick him up, I called him to let him know I was outside. But instead my sister in law, Tiffany answered the phone. I quickly said to her, "so sorry, meant to call Seth, because apparently he's in provo tonight so we are getting dinner." She quickly told me, no, it was actually her that was in town. I obviously could really improve on saving contacts in my phone! It was so fun to catch up with her. What's crazy is Tiffany has been in our family for 17 years. I can't believe I was just 7 when she was got engaged to Seth.

On Friday we are pretty religious about eating out, but we decided to stay in, because I sold our rug online and I was waiting for the person to come pick it up. It was cold and rainy, so I made some chicken noodle soup and cornbread. The Gardner's gave us this cast iron that has a divider insert for perfectly proportioned pieces for cornbread/scones. I'm loving it!

Bronson is a notoriously slow eater and since I finished I made my way to the couch. Bronson turned around mid chew and looked in my direction. I asked what he was doing. He said, "Oh i'm just watching the game in the reflection of the window." Oh my. Nothing is more important to him than BYU, I swear. I'm hoping I am, but jury is still out.

Friday night Bronson said he only had a bit more homework to do. But sure enough five hours later (we are talking 11:30pm on a friday night!) he finished. In the meantime, I made some banana bread, before the bananas were completely out the door. I think I'm finally interpreting what "just a bit more homework" really means. Although I complain, I completely admire his determination to stay focus on a Friday night and work hard. 

And in case you're curious. I take these food pics in hopes one day - someone will find them, look past that they're mediocre, see the potential, and let me take pics for a cookbook or magazine. #dreamjob

 Saturday -- while Bronson did homework (are you sensing a trend of his daily life?), I went on a long walk in the cemetery listening to my favorite podcasts. I'm glad I went when I did, because once it started raining, it never seemed to stop the rest of the day. Bronson and I went looking for hardware for our dresser (unfortunately, non-victorious), and came home and had hot chocolate and popcorn (Read: I made everything and ate everything), while we watched "Designated Survivor". OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS GOOD. Like, really good, I would totally recommend it. The best part -- its fascinating, intense, TV-PG!!!!!, ANDDDD I just might learn a thing or two about government and politics from a fictional Tv show! ;)

After the General Womens broadcast, Bronson and I went to Olive Garden -- finally using a gift card we've held onto for a year! Of course, we came to watch more Designated Survivor. I definitely didn't feel guilty because it was too cold and rainy to do much that Saturday. 

All this weather has made me crazy-candle-lady mode. And I'm totally okay with that. I consistently have a candle burning in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. So Hygge of me. #justtappingintothoseDanishroots

Sunday we got to sub in Nursery -- and it was actually fun. I'm attributing 50% to the fruit snacks and gold fish and the other 50% because the kids actually played well together. 

Bronsons birthday & alittle extra

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Obviously, the biggest news of the week was when Bronson officially became an old man -- the big 25. And to celebrate his old-man status, we took the plunge and got Bronson a new cell phone and our own phone plan! I was so excited that we finally had cut all the “umbilical cords” from our parents, until we realized Bronson is still on his parent’s medical insurance. Yeah… that one can wait one more year! #graciasObama Haha

I've known about his birthday forever and yet, Friday morning when his alarm went off and he was already in the shower, I was thinking of all the mean things to say to him for not turning off his alarm. Luckily, in that slow motion sloth like move I made to find his alarm, I remembered, it was his birthday and shot out of bed. How could I have forgotten! Maybe it had something to do with the fact I went to bed at 8:30pm the night before. I don't know but either way I hadn't done ANYTHING. I hurried and made birthday signs (tradition in the Lewis household), and started waffles all before he was out of the shower. *victory dance* 

Since Bronson doesn't have classes on Friday he commutes up north for his job. As soon as we got home we rushed over another recruiting event for a company he is interested in working at. I told him I had a surprise and made him close his eyes all the way to Cold Stone where I had a really tiny ice cream cake made for him. We went home, opened the presents from Amazon that came on time (Thank you Amazon Gods -- they were actually scheduled for Saturday #miracles), chatted on the phone with his parents and mine, and then watched the BYU volleyball game. Bronson is good to put up with very little! So grateful every day for this guy!

These headphones are like the step child to Beats, since we can't actually afford beats. haha

Earlier in the week we had a graduate studies student dinner with all the graduate students on campus #crowded. We didn’t know anyone but sat down next to this couple who were AWESOME. They had been married for seven years, expecting their second and had already lived in the Netherlands, Cincinnati, Houston and now back to Provo for school. It’s so great that in the church you pretty much can become instantly friends with other people knowing you have one thing in common. We also had another recruiting dinner on Thursday. It’s been fun to go to Bronson with all these events – don’t worry spouses are very definitely invited, considering this is a commitment you make together. Thursday night we met one on one with a recruiter and his wife from a company called Accenture. I got to ask questions to the wife and Bronson to him and it helped us getting a better idea of this work life we will be jumping into a year from now. Sunday night we looked at all the potential cities Bronson could work at – I’m realizing there is no perfect place to live! Either a city is way too hot and humid, or another place is way too cold in the winters, or its way too expensive to live there. Decisions decisions... 

On Saturday, I offered to mow the lawn, since Bronson had hw deadlines and I could use the workout plus time outside. Turns out, I’m VERY mediocre. I told Bronson, “I’m pretty sure I mow as well as I shave my legs, which is NOT VERY GOOD.” We went to the BYU vs Wisconsin game with Jessica and Daymon and were extremely disappointed with nearly another blowout. Bronson is the most loyal fan. Even when we pleaded to leave with 10 minutes to go he always refused

Jess refusing to get sunburnt

Pro Tip: Empty the bag BEFORE it gets that full. 

I'm trying to get in more walks during the week. This Saturday morning could not have been better.

Saturday evening we met up with Daymon and Jessica for frozen yogurt which was fun. It was my first time being "bored" again as Bronson had to continue working on homework. I forgot this is what the semester is like -- I got way to familiar with summer! 

Sunday we put the bookshelf together that the Gardner’s gave us, and had the Moss cousins come to celebrate Bronson’s birthday with us. It was so fun to see everyone!

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