the perma-rainy weekend

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another week!

On Wednesday, we had Daymon and Jessica over for some white chicken chili. I was really ambitious one more before work and dedicded to start a crock pot soup. Turns out it was a very bad idea to cut onions post-makeup since I had to redo the face before I left for work.

Earlier on in the week, what I thought was my brother Seth texting me saying he was going to be in Provo and wanted to get dinner on Thursday. When I went to pick him up, I called him to let him know I was outside. But instead my sister in law, Tiffany answered the phone. I quickly said to her, "so sorry, meant to call Seth, because apparently he's in provo tonight so we are getting dinner." She quickly told me, no, it was actually her that was in town. I obviously could really improve on saving contacts in my phone! It was so fun to catch up with her. What's crazy is Tiffany has been in our family for 17 years. I can't believe I was just 7 when she was got engaged to Seth.

On Friday we are pretty religious about eating out, but we decided to stay in, because I sold our rug online and I was waiting for the person to come pick it up. It was cold and rainy, so I made some chicken noodle soup and cornbread. The Gardner's gave us this cast iron that has a divider insert for perfectly proportioned pieces for cornbread/scones. I'm loving it!

Bronson is a notoriously slow eater and since I finished I made my way to the couch. Bronson turned around mid chew and looked in my direction. I asked what he was doing. He said, "Oh i'm just watching the game in the reflection of the window." Oh my. Nothing is more important to him than BYU, I swear. I'm hoping I am, but jury is still out.

Friday night Bronson said he only had a bit more homework to do. But sure enough five hours later (we are talking 11:30pm on a friday night!) he finished. In the meantime, I made some banana bread, before the bananas were completely out the door. I think I'm finally interpreting what "just a bit more homework" really means. Although I complain, I completely admire his determination to stay focus on a Friday night and work hard. 

And in case you're curious. I take these food pics in hopes one day - someone will find them, look past that they're mediocre, see the potential, and let me take pics for a cookbook or magazine. #dreamjob

 Saturday -- while Bronson did homework (are you sensing a trend of his daily life?), I went on a long walk in the cemetery listening to my favorite podcasts. I'm glad I went when I did, because once it started raining, it never seemed to stop the rest of the day. Bronson and I went looking for hardware for our dresser (unfortunately, non-victorious), and came home and had hot chocolate and popcorn (Read: I made everything and ate everything), while we watched "Designated Survivor". OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS GOOD. Like, really good, I would totally recommend it. The best part -- its fascinating, intense, TV-PG!!!!!, ANDDDD I just might learn a thing or two about government and politics from a fictional Tv show! ;)

After the General Womens broadcast, Bronson and I went to Olive Garden -- finally using a gift card we've held onto for a year! Of course, we came to watch more Designated Survivor. I definitely didn't feel guilty because it was too cold and rainy to do much that Saturday. 

All this weather has made me crazy-candle-lady mode. And I'm totally okay with that. I consistently have a candle burning in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. So Hygge of me. #justtappingintothoseDanishroots

Sunday we got to sub in Nursery -- and it was actually fun. I'm attributing 50% to the fruit snacks and gold fish and the other 50% because the kids actually played well together. 

Bronsons birthday & alittle extra

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Obviously, the biggest news of the week was when Bronson officially became an old man -- the big 25. And to celebrate his old-man status, we took the plunge and got Bronson a new cell phone and our own phone plan! I was so excited that we finally had cut all the “umbilical cords” from our parents, until we realized Bronson is still on his parent’s medical insurance. Yeah… that one can wait one more year! #graciasObama Haha

I've known about his birthday forever and yet, Friday morning when his alarm went off and he was already in the shower, I was thinking of all the mean things to say to him for not turning off his alarm. Luckily, in that slow motion sloth like move I made to find his alarm, I remembered, it was his birthday and shot out of bed. How could I have forgotten! Maybe it had something to do with the fact I went to bed at 8:30pm the night before. I don't know but either way I hadn't done ANYTHING. I hurried and made birthday signs (tradition in the Lewis household), and started waffles all before he was out of the shower. *victory dance* 

Since Bronson doesn't have classes on Friday he commutes up north for his job. As soon as we got home we rushed over another recruiting event for a company he is interested in working at. I told him I had a surprise and made him close his eyes all the way to Cold Stone where I had a really tiny ice cream cake made for him. We went home, opened the presents from Amazon that came on time (Thank you Amazon Gods -- they were actually scheduled for Saturday #miracles), chatted on the phone with his parents and mine, and then watched the BYU volleyball game. Bronson is good to put up with very little! So grateful every day for this guy!

These headphones are like the step child to Beats, since we can't actually afford beats. haha

Earlier in the week we had a graduate studies student dinner with all the graduate students on campus #crowded. We didn’t know anyone but sat down next to this couple who were AWESOME. They had been married for seven years, expecting their second and had already lived in the Netherlands, Cincinnati, Houston and now back to Provo for school. It’s so great that in the church you pretty much can become instantly friends with other people knowing you have one thing in common. We also had another recruiting dinner on Thursday. It’s been fun to go to Bronson with all these events – don’t worry spouses are very definitely invited, considering this is a commitment you make together. Thursday night we met one on one with a recruiter and his wife from a company called Accenture. I got to ask questions to the wife and Bronson to him and it helped us getting a better idea of this work life we will be jumping into a year from now. Sunday night we looked at all the potential cities Bronson could work at – I’m realizing there is no perfect place to live! Either a city is way too hot and humid, or another place is way too cold in the winters, or its way too expensive to live there. Decisions decisions... 

On Saturday, I offered to mow the lawn, since Bronson had hw deadlines and I could use the workout plus time outside. Turns out, I’m VERY mediocre. I told Bronson, “I’m pretty sure I mow as well as I shave my legs, which is NOT VERY GOOD.” We went to the BYU vs Wisconsin game with Jessica and Daymon and were extremely disappointed with nearly another blowout. Bronson is the most loyal fan. Even when we pleaded to leave with 10 minutes to go he always refused

Jess refusing to get sunburnt

Pro Tip: Empty the bag BEFORE it gets that full. 

I'm trying to get in more walks during the week. This Saturday morning could not have been better.

Saturday evening we met up with Daymon and Jessica for frozen yogurt which was fun. It was my first time being "bored" again as Bronson had to continue working on homework. I forgot this is what the semester is like -- I got way to familiar with summer! 

Sunday we put the bookshelf together that the Gardner’s gave us, and had the Moss cousins come to celebrate Bronson’s birthday with us. It was so fun to see everyone!

3 years later...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

As with most things in life, I'm LATE. I've had going through my mission pictures on my to-do list for three years. THREE YEARS. So this week I finally took action.
And I made sure I got them all backed up to google photos -- I'm super paranoid about losing pictures since I lost about 5 months worth of pictures. And in a sister missionary's span of a mission thats nearly a 1/3 of it!

So I made a video with videos I had forgotten I had taken!
One thing for sure -- even though missions are hard, based on the pictures I can easily remember that was the happiest I've ever been in my life. Being fully imerssed in the gospel, learning to love so many strangers so quickly, and coming to know the Savior Jesus Christ was what made my mission so special. In case you are wondering, I graciously submitting myself to South American hospitality and gained a good 15lbs so #dontjudge. Also, I did cut out like 30 additional seconds of me hugging my mom when I got home. And I then proceeded to cry with every person I hugged. #missionhormones

Overly laborious Labor day hike

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Labor day -- the lesser of significant holidays in the course of the year, BUT it was officially the last day of summer before school started. I reminded Bronson that on Labor day two years ago we moved into our first apartment. So this year was much better.

We went to the 8am ward breakfast and then worked on projects until we hiked Squaw Peak with Daymon. It was listed "hard" on All-Trails, but I really wondered how hard that could be. After all, I was comfortable with doing moderate ranked hikes. It was 7 miles round trip - the difference with this hike is there were no switchbacks it was ALL STRAIGHT UP HILL. That is how a mountain works isn't it...uphill. It was so hard. Especially at the end - fatigued, sweaty, tired, it was so hard. Bronson was a good coach. I had to stop every ten feet and repeat motivational words in my head over and over again. I wanted to curse the people coming down who said "only 30 more minutes!" Wrong. More like 1.5 more hours. And I was happy to hear that even though I was slowing him down with breaks, he needed them too. It took us 2.5 hours to get up and 1.5 hours to get down. We eventually met Daymon at the top who doesn't seem to be human and didn't need any breaks. I was so happy to see the car when we got back down. We hardly moved a muscle as soon as we got home.

The view was 10/10. Incredible. From what I could appreciate of it when I was laying down on the rocks trying to breathe and not throw up.

The hike was 1/10 recommend. I WAS BEGGING TO DIE it was so hard. The guilt-free frozen yogurt treat afterwards was a nice touch.

Lesson learned 24,000 steps later. "Hard" hikes on the All Trails app is ACTUALLY HARD.

Utah valley (and then some) as far as the eye can see. 

Wow. Equally as beautiful as the site of the valley. 


Yep, I stopped to take a picture of this and my legs started shaking uncontrollably. #verytired #nearlydead

The mountain we climbed

From our car. See the very tippy top of that mountain. Thats where we went. 

last week of summer

Sunday, September 3, 2017

after church 

Well I can definitely say Heavenly Father blesses His children. This week was an another example of that.

On Monday I was approached by my administrator and the corporate HR director. I said to them, timidly, "Am I in trouble?" They laughed at me and said no no, but I felt like I was going to the "principals" office. Turns out, the corporate HR director came to offer me the position of corporate HR Specialist -- so managing all the HR specialists at all the facilities in Utah. (SAY WHAT?) The way I truly know i've been promoted is I'm one of the last people that needs to pick up the phone now when it rings instead of the first. #THANKTHEHEAVENS

 I was perfectly content with my job, after a year and a half I had my groove. But how can you say no to a more flexible work schedule, a quieter atmosphere (i'll be working in the corporate office now), and more pay, and the guarantee of NEVER having to cover for any of my coworkers while they're on vacation. I laid in bed thinking quite a bit about it, because while there were so many pros, I was going to miss my work family. I've become quite close to the "older ladies" that I work with -- and it was going to be hard to go from this comradery to being an office with some old men. At least all but one are BYU fans so I should be okay.

While the rest of my week has been daily self-inducing headaches training at the corporate office, Bronson finished his last week at his internship and is officially onboard to work remotely from home!

Daymon, Bronson's brother arrived in Provo and stayed with us for two nights before he could move into his apartment so he could attend New Student Orientation. It's good to have another Gardner around. With him came more jam, a bookshelf, and a dresser! Thanks Gardners!

NO JOKE they showed up matching. Same shoes. Same shirt. Same color pants. Same genetics. I kid you not the next day when we went to pick up Daymon Bronson and him were both wearing a different but same shirt AGAIN. 

Friday night we went to the womens BYU soccer game and per usual had to stand or wait until someone moved at half time so we could steal their spot on the grass.

Saturday we went to the outlets with Daymon and Jessica for all their labor day sales! Bronson cleaned the car and I did endless loads of laundry. Jessica, Daymon, Clayton and Cecily came over for the awful BYU vs. LSU game that nearly left us in tears.
Creamie half time break 

Sunday I went early to practice the piano for ward choir and then was asked to sub in primary on the piano. During sharing time I texted Bronson to see who taught Sunday School he responded that he did. Unfortunately and fortunately we live in a ward that needs a lot of help. Its hard when people don't participate in their calling and leave others to try to fill in at the last second. In other news, we like to go on walks on Sunday and I make Bronson take pics, because #instagramhusband. I feel like life, in all its moments, needs to be remembered!

We had Daymon and Jessica over for dinner for some hamburgers and watermelon. A perfect labor day meal.

Sad to say my straightener died this week. Happy to say I got some straight hair genetics so I can probably get away with replacing it for awhile.  

My favorite part of our house. I love the feeling of clean sheets! 
I tried making Cashew milk this week ... don't really recommend it unless you have a vitamix or blendtec -- and even then, still not sure :) 
And while we all speak love differently. Bronson scored big this week when he bought me 16 sticks of butter and a 10lb bag of chocolate chips. #thatslove

This week has been overly sentimental for me, Bronson might be getting annoyed. But with fall semester starting it reminds me of how Bronson and I met three years ago! Ahhh such good memories -- attending football games together, soccer games, devotional, ward activities, etc. I keep saying "Bronson remember when we did this..." He usually doesn't but hopefully if I talk about it enough he will. Very glad that our lives crossed paths three years ago.

Camping Payson Lakes: a final hurrah

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I'm getting anxious knowing that summer is ending soon and thats on the list of things I really don't want to happen.

Some good things as of lately:
+ Bronson's internship director offered him a position to stay on for the fall. (YAY!!!) He was the first one approached out of all the interns. And on top of that, BYU broadcasting asked him to come back. I think that means Bronson's really good at what he does. #proudwife Intermountain is letting him work from home this semester (at least that is what it sounds like), which will be a huge blessing. We know Heavenly Father looks out for us individually, since we weren't anticipating on paying the MBA tuition this year, but since his masters is part of the Business school, thats how they roll.  So with this added pay increase from Intermountain it will cover the extra tuition we hadn't planned for.

+ THE SOLAR ECLIPSE -- August 21, 2017 we witnessed the moon and sun align to create one of the most remarkable events I've seen. While in UT we experienced only 90%,  it was spectacular. My parents and a few siblings and their families got to experience totality. I felt FOMO as they experience totality and makes me want to become an eclipse chaser. That was the best 2 hours at work as I stood outside with patients and let them look through my glasses.

Seth  & Tiffany's  family and Ondalynn and Gary's family gathered together for the eclipse in Albany, OR with the rest of Tiffany's family 

My parents view of totality

+ Since we are trying to savor these last few summer nights, Bronson went on a run, and since running is off limits, I went on a bike ride. It brought me back to my childhood days and at the same time remind me how quickly you can lose your cardiovascular abilities!!! #alreadyoutofshape

+ I watched another documentary that I found really interesting, "What the Health," I'd recommend it. Thats about all I'm going to say about it. 

 + A not so pretty part of life right now has been visiting a chiropractor very frequently this month. I've had back pain for years its almost just been apart of who I am. It got especially bad in high school when I did orchestra. Then died down. Then when I was on my mission it flared up again. And ever since I've just been trying to "ignore" it. But now I'm literally attacking it. It takes so much effort to try to correct my posture. I'm not a very relaxed person and I hold all my stress in my shoulder -- and neither is anyone in my family. My mom and ALL but one of my sisters visits a chiropractor regularly or every so often. I'm hoping to nip this problem in the bud ASAP because I am DRAINING my health savings account card. *lots of tears* 

+ Since I worked for a bit last Sunday I was able to get off early on Friday, I went to get the tires rotated, we picked up our ROC passes, and got a few groceries. We reserved a camping spot at Payson Lakes about two weeks earlier for Friday night and didn't have any luck in finding any friends to go with us. Since we weren't pressed for time and both had splitting headaches, I took a quick nap, then we packed up in about 20 minutes -- I had low expectations like, "Who cares if we forget something, its just one night," -- and headed down to Payson. We got there with enough time before the sun set to walk down to the lake. On our way back to the lake we ran into a classmate of Bronson's in the masters program. He was there with his wife and kids. He warned us that there had been a moose hanging around the camp area for the whole week. 

We built a fire, had some smores, and went to bed. We had the most beautiful view of the stars. At 2am we woke up to what we believe was the moose walking near us and chomping on leaves and branches. We only suspect that because he was LOUD and there was no flashlight (which would have given it away that it was a human). We definitely didn't have the best of nights sleep as Bronson wasn't feeling well, and the Nebo full and half marathon was taking place, so there was lots of yelling on the speakers to get the runners organized. We woke up and made pancakes -- everything cooked over the fire tastes 100x better, packed up and went down to the lake to walk around. We drove home with 30 minutes before we had to leave for the BYU game. We got some amazing seats! Mostly because Jessica went early but also because alot of students haven't returned for school yet. #Notcomplaining  

After getting completely sunburnt (even with sunscreen -- I'm more of an adult than you think!) and standing in the 90s heat for 4 hours we were exhausted. We came home and hardly moved and watched BYU womens volleyball. I love fun exhausting weekends. 

and we can't fail to mention our debut on BYUtv post game show! OR how I high fived Coach Sitake, Tanner Mangum, President Worthen and a bunch of no name players!!!!


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