Toe surgery & beautiful skies

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The busyness of life did not end at Jessica's birthday.

Tuesday, I had an appointment with a podiatrist. I've had an ingrown toenail that has been bugging me on and off for 3+ years now. So it definitely wasn't as severe as my first two ingrown toenails five years ago -- that was so painful just having the bed sheets touch my toe would make pain shoot through my body. Bronson said I had complained enough about it that I should get it checked. I was completely expecting him to just be able to clip part of it off with clippers and not have to do the actual surgery. However upon inspection, the ingrown toenail was too deep he had to remove part of my toenail. I was completely disappointed. Since I had both borders taken off my big toe five years on my left foot, my right foot was my last normal looking foot. The actual procedure was painless thanks to the shots he put in my foot, but my goodness those numbing shots hurt like the dickens. Today was the first day I woke up without any foot/toe pain! Finally. I've been severely dependent on my ibuprofen in four hour increments.

Milking this for all I can. ie: "Bronson fetch this please! Bronson can you do this... Bronson do that please!" :)

This picture is so large, its probably too late to warn you don't look if you things gross you out easily. Left is toe a few days ago. Right is toe after first surgery 5 years ago. So this time around its DEFINITELY better.

On Wednesday, Bronson and I cleaned the Provo City Center Temple that night with some couples from the ward.

Little by little we are unpacking -- and its a livable space now.

What's really happening here is.... hot gluing dresser drawers so they SORTA hold together.

Also. meals. they've been generally non existent the last week, but I've run out of excuses not to make them. So... Kodiak Cakes powder mix + water is definitely something I can do right now. 

This week I've made a greater effort to listen to conference talks instead of podcasts on my commute to work. I've really appreciated President Utchdorf's talk in the Priesthood Session entitled, "The Greatest Among You." Lately I've struggled with my ward choir pianist calling. I've always felt that there were others far better at playing the piano than me, and who didn't have a calling, that it would be far better to have them do it. Then I heard President Utchdorf's talk and its helped me to refocus, change my attitude and learn to love this calling. He said, "What is the most important calling in the Church? It is the one you currently have. No matter how humble or prominent it may seem to be, the calling you have right now is the one that will allow you not only to lift others but also to become the man of God you were created to be." 

Today for Father's day, (more detailed post on my dad later), I just was so grateful for my Heavenly and earthly Father. We grilled some hamburgers and had corn on the cob with Jessica. It was so delicious. Even though we realized RIGHT before we sat down to eat that the hamburgers that the buns were completely moldy. (Crying inside) So we hurried and thawed and baked some Rhode rolls which tasted surprisingly good. 

We went on a walk Saturday night after my cousin's wedding reception. My goodness Utah is beautiful. I love cotton candy skies. 

10K, Moving, Jessica's Birthday

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Saturday - I woke up at 3am starving and nervous. Poor Bronson says sleeping with me is like sleeping with a newborn. After I ate some food, I went back to bed until 5am. I really underestimated how early you had to get up for running races and factor in moving exhaustion, I felt it. We got dressed and jogged to the buses that would take us to the starting line. This could not have been a more perfect race for us. The location of the buses was 5 blocks south of our apartment and the finish line was 4 blocks north of our apartment. It was so ideal! We got to the starting line an hour before the actual race so we had plenty of time to walk and jog and stay warm. It was the most beautiful scenery, and that perfect crispy morning air that I love (ah! I am loving Utah so much right now!).

I ran into my cousin Olivia at the starting line which was a fun surprise.

At the first mile mark there were tons of people cheering and I got pretty emotional -- haha I didn't even know these people, but it felt good to have people cheering. I tried to keep my laser focus and Bronson kept checking his fitbit and kept proding me to pick up the pace and run harder, that ticked me off, obviously because I felt like I was already running fast, but he did that because he knew I could run faster. In the end I'm glad he kept coaching me because I was able to finish near my goal time. Mile after mile, I just focused on one person until I passed them and then focused on the next. Bronson ran with me all the way until Mile 5 and then he sprinted off and ran the last mile around 7ish minutes. Crazy. I just wanted to keep my pace. I checked my fitbit and thought it said 58 minutes at Mile 5. I was bummed, I really wanted to beat my time from last week. I decided to look again and realized my fitbit said 50 minutes. I start freaking out. We had been running much faster than I thought and I realized I could finish in exactly 1 hour, which was my goal. I started running harder and faster and ran a 9:15 mile while all the other miles were avg pace of 9:50 (which may seem slow, but that was fast for me!). I saw my cousin Olivia again 8 blocks from the finish line. I just had to repeat so many mantras to myself in my mind over and over again to keep going. I finally passed the finish line at 1 hour and 51 seconds. I feel really confident that I could have finished right at 1 hour if I didn;t have to re-tie my shoes at mile 2. I nearly began crying when I finish -- just super happy that I finished and finished far better than I imagined I could. I mean, three weeks ago we remembered we had signed up for this race and I had a hard time running 1.5 miles during my lunch break. It's good to be 24 and be able to train and progress so much.

 What an awesome finish line!

And I took a million selfies... because you never know when this is going to happen again.

Now, 3 miles doesn't scare me anymore like it used to. We are hoping to run a half in August, but we will see. :) After walking around eating creamies we walked home and loaded up the car for more moving.

We also had our new washer and dryers delivered! They're beautiful.Once they got it all set up we did our first load and just sat and watched it. Totally mesmerized. We really wanted to be careful since they're brand new so we were careful about checking all the pockets for pens and bobby-pins. Somehow on our first load we still managed to let a pen go through -- luckily no ink stains. And the second load, even more careful, and yet my BELT went through the washer. Please explain to me how that happens. #adulting or at least trying to.

We went back to our old apartment and cleaned for about 4 hours. The only thing we had left to move was our bed and mattresses. The very thing we had been putting off for as long as possible. It was this moment where we were just staring at the mattresses wondering how we were going to lift it on top of the car in my nearly dead state of being. I tell you I was completely exhausted. I was begging to die. And then at that moment Cecily & Clayton texted me and said, "Do you need help moving?"
And then they were over in minutes. Bless them. Seriously don't know what we would have done without them. And on top of that they totally made me in a better mood.

After moving the bed we went and got Asian food.
I'm exhausted just thinking about what we did this weekend.

Sunday, we went to church, had choir practice, unpacked a bit, and went back for another 5 hours of cleaning in anticipation for the final check out on Monday morning. In hindsight we way over cleaned for how quickly they walked through the apartment with us, but oh well. We just built more character I guess.

Monday, we handed over our keys, I could breathe again, and later that evening went to dinner with Jessica for her birthday. Her roommates made her strawberry shortcake, which should be the only cake one should eat. We've loved spending the last few years with Jessica in Provo.

pinewood derby, mini zoo, and moving

Monday, June 12, 2017

My feet are throbbing and I can barely keep my eyes open at 8pm... this week is finally over. I am not sure I want to relive it through words. But, if I don't write it down... did it even happen?

Lets jump back to Tuesday, where Bronson had the Pinewood derby for cubscouts and I was in charge of Activity Day girls. Since I take the car to work, I was supposed to pick up the awards, badges, and belt buckles that night for cubscouts. When I got in the car after work I realized I had left my wallet at home. I was feeling all sorts of horrible because this was the first time in many years that our ward has done the Pinewood Derby, and I didn't want a lack of awards to be my fault. I had Bronson call of his assistants until he found someone. After activity day girls I sat in on the Pinewood Derby and once we locked up the church it was nearly 9pm. Little did we know that would be the beginning of eating out quite a bit this week.

Bronson doing his thing in cubscouts. I feel like he's earned his ticket to the Celestial Kingdom for being a cubmaster.

Wednesday was our first time running after our long 6 mile run on Saturday. My body was still pretty sore, but it had been too long! We ran 3 miles in the devilish heat of 95 degrees. Oh my word I'll never run at that time again. I was begging to die.

Thursday - was "Petting Zoo Day" at work. It really was for the patients, but since their in wheelchairs, the employees really were the ones that benefited from it. My co-workers knew of my great distaste for dogs, well, all animals in general and made fun of me so much about it. And then the Therapy Director said, "its not like its Jurassic Park, its just bunnies." And I was like, "Yeah, I can do this!" Turns out, I loved it. It was so fun to hold all the animals. There was a donkey, goat, sheep, rabbits, ducks, turkeys, chickens, and bunnies. I could have a farm, just without ducks. They are annoying. 

A curated collection of a limited edition of me + animals: 

That afternoon we got word from our landlord that we could start moving our thing, in hopes to make this move a bit easier. Can a move being easier? I don't think it can, unless the army is moving you, then I can see how that would be easier.  I went to the apartment after work before Bronson got home to inspect it, there was an invoice on the door for cleaning the carpets and didn't think much of it, and took it home and threw it away. Don't judge, I was just trying to make Marie Kondo proud. 

Clayton and Cecily -- who became our moving angels (haha), helped us so much that night. I swear "moving" or helping others move is never on someone's "want to do" list. But Clayton & Cecily made it much more bearable. 
Bronson really took advantage of all the furniture we had left to relax in. 

Thursday didn't end with my most finest moment in life. At about 9pm the manager texted me and said he needed me to keep that carpet cleaning invoice. SHOOOT. I had taken out the garbage earlier that evening. And not wanting to make a bad first impression, I had to find it. Bronson put his hands together, and I stepped on them all cheerleader like and jumped into our dumpster. I quickly identified our garbage by the ice cream carton that was inside. Found the invoice and accidentally ripped it in half in the process.

The apartment felt spacious when I walked in, which was short lived once we actually brought in our things. 

Friday - we moved all night long with Jessica, who completely saved us. We did as much as we could for as long as we could, and then needed to pick up our race bibs. She said she would keep packing while we picked up our bibs and dinner. Bless her. Seriously. Jessica & Cecily have this great knack for packing. We finally stopped at 10pm because we had to be up by 5am for the race. I was pretty anxious all day about it and just wanted to get it over with. Luckily, with all the moving I was so exhausted I feel asleep quickly. 
Overall, felt so blessed that Utah Valley Marathon would design their jackets to coordinate so well with my running shoes. 

To be continued...

Entering June

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June is one of my favorite months. The promise of summer nipping at my toes. The weather in Utah is nearly 100% perfect during this month.  Crisp cool early mornings, an afternoon heat, and a warm evening.

Short story of the weekend: Ran, shopped and celebrated.

Long story of the weekend: First of all, Bronson started his internship this week! We are equal parts happy as we are....whats the right word....adjusting. Our early morning runs are now over, which is unfortunate, because I was perfectly content with going on a run, eating breakfast and then dropping him off at the BYU Broadcasting building and I heading on to work. Now, its all business. Bronson usually has to be on the 6:50 or 7:10 train -- all businessy attire -- and doesn't get home until 6:30 or so. We are adjusting to the earlier departure times and trying to schedule in running or eating dinner at night.
Both of our job require "business casual" but he definitely emphasizes the Business, and I emphasize the casual. 

Friday evening after work, we didn't have any plans -- we really should have gone camping again to keep any sadness on my part at bay, but trying to be responsible adults and seeing there were things we needed to get done we didn't. We did need to run a longer run and ran 4 miles. The first mile is always excruiatingly hard -- like no part of my body wants to move. But by mile 2 I was like in auto-pilot mode and never felt better. The 2 miles back was a bit harder. Saturday, exactly one week from our race, we ran 6 miles -- the BIG KAHUNA. I knew one thing, I wanted to enjoy the run. So I told Bronson we had to run along the Provo River Trail to accomplish this -- a) the scenery -- its beautiful b) there is LOTS of shade. Much needed for an hour long run. c) no stop lights, no weird curbs, not tons of cars staring at us. d) did I mention the scenery/environment - birds chirping, horses, cows, ducks. We did it! And it was hard. It took alot of mental strength to keep running and not start walking. When I say it was hard, I mean it. A variety of different parts of my body hurt (I've definitely got some work to do in the running realm!).
Not pictured: My face which was every shade of red

After our run, we debated whether we should start packing for our move or go play. If you know either of us, you can probably guess we picked the latter. We went to Sierra Trading Post -- the store where I have 24 items in their cart that I just DREAM about buying. Mostly all things for the home, pretty bowls and cups and such...a girl can dream. But at the same time I've been more interested in camping, hiking, backpacking and all that outdoorsy stuff. We bought me a hiking backpack! Insert squeal. And Bronson insisted (okay...if i must! ;) on getting a small hiking backpack as well with a water bladder -- I've always envied people with those. We are planning our first overnight backpacking trip the weekend after we move, so if I'm still alive, I'll update you on how that goes.
Bronson reminded me real backpacking doesn't include s'mores, I was a bit bummed at first, but I think I'm over it now. We window shopped at REI and Scheels (which is like a Cabellas, Mall of America, Dicks Sporting Good hybrid).
Stealing Bronson's hobbies one at a time... first camping, then running, now backpacking.
 Then we got home only to turn around and go to one of my roommates, Hannah Whipple Judd, from San Jose, CA, Open House in American Fork. When I lived with Hannah at the time we were the only ones without boyfriends so we became really close. She is a stellar individual, just graduated from BYU with her Masters in Accounting and her husband is starting Medical School this fall, and shortly after that she will start her PhD in Accounting.

Nearly identical rings... we must have good taste.

Hannah & Caitlyn. I was room roommates with Caitlyn (Washington), who got married on my mission and teaches
4th grade for the past three years.
Sunday as normal, and I got to subbed on the piano in Primary (dream calling!) and had ward choir practice. Later that afternoon we had Jessica over for dinner -- we ate so well, Bronson made our favorite quinoa enchiladas (meatless but still delicious!), I made a green salad with candied walnuts, strawberries, moz cheese and homemade poppyseed dressing and Jessica made a delicious fruit salad. We skyped with my family for our monthly skype session and played cards with Jessica.

Some more random pics:
HELLO BABY. A new addition to the kitchen. High pitch squeal again. I apologized to Bronson that we are
so good at spending money on me. whoops. :) 

We finalllllllly finished! It's amazing we didn't lose any pieces because we had this on our floor for weeks. Its of the north shore in Hawaii. I don't want to do a 1000 piece puzzle for a while.

Bronson fixed his bike tire this week so we can finally go biking again!

I just realized this was the most detailed, minute by minute report or of our weekend which absolutely no one will ever care about, but me. My memory is close to horrible, that I need something to cement these memories -- even if its the mundane day by day things in place.

Memorial day weekend

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

If we weren't adults before, we are adults now, because we bought a washer and dryer! EEEPPPAA. Thats what people said in Argentina and it felt like an appropriate time to say it.

Friday night, Bronson and I (but mostly I) were so bummed we didn't have anyone to go camping with. We had asked about 6 different couples to come with us -- and then we ran out of couples we felt comfortable spending 12 hours non stop with -- so with no more friends to ask we just weren't sure what to do. And our nights of Friday night Netflix marathoning are O.V. E. R.  We are looking for fun! Camping has always been a social thing for us so we were a bit hesitant to go by ourselves, and looking back I have no idea why - we had so much fun!

So after moaning on the bed after work Friday because we "weren't" going camping, we decided to call Utah Lake State Park and see if they had any openings (that was some sort of inspiration, because online they said they were completely full), and they had 3 spots left! We hung up and tore the house apart gathering our sleeping bags, tent, cast iron skillet, sleeping pads (The Gardner's gave us some for Christmas -- and that was the best night sleep I've had it was so great!), etc. We were pretty unprepared but we made it work.

We got to the lake and Bronson got out and set up the tent while I went to Smiths and bought food. After eating three hot dogs each -- don't judge it was 8pm by the time we had dinner and were starving. We went on a long walk around the lake and witness the most stunning sunset I've seen. Well, that was just a bonus to walking off the three hot dogs. From the lake you could see all the surrounding mountain ranges it was so cool.

We got back and started a fire, a small enough to roast a few marshmallows and then went to bed by 10pm. We slept so well in our Taj Mahal two-man-tent. Those sleeping pads rival our mattresses.

Bronson told me before we got married that all he wanted in a wife was an outdoorsy girl -- totally making his dreams come true right about now.

There were less fuzzy pictures... but whats the fun in that.
We brought the headlamps just incase we weren't successful building a fire. 

When your socks and shoes are on point #ColumbiaForLife

The walk to burn off the 3 hot dogs we ate

A man and his grill... if only.... 

Sun + Water = best combo

You totally underestimated Utah's beauty didn't you

When you can't even go one night without TV. We were the ONLY ones in a tent and NOT an RV. #poorlife

Visual point of reference for just how small our tent is. 
 Saturday we attended a baptism in our ward that they asked me to play the piano for last minute. And after that we went to RC Willey and bought a washer and dryer! My stomach did a few flips once we got to the car. Its rare you ever spend that much money at once. After that we went to the park and played SpikeBall and KanJam with Jai and Brittany which ended after Brittany got hit in the eye with the frisbee. She got a nice shiner. We did some grocery shopping and went on our 5 mile run that I was so freaked out for! We ran the 5 miles in just under 55 minutes which was my goal! We got subway for dinner and then visited Jessica at the mall since she works at Aeropostale. We finally got to sit on the couch and do nothing by 9pm that night. We were amazed at how much we did that day.

Sunday we enjoyed dinner with the Moss Family but most especially the time we got to visit the cemetery. I love love love seeing the cemeteries peppered with flowers everywhere and great big flags. I love even more seeing all the families come to visit and honor loved ones. I'm glad we live close to Bronson's family members who have passed away so we can have these opportunities to visit the cemetery -- because we wouldn't otherwise.

Monday we went for an early 3 mile run. The first mile is always the most brutal. Then we drove to Provo Canyon to do the Big Springs Hollow Hike -- which was a beautiful hike and trail. You pass between open meadows to flocks of aspen trees and back and forth. The end of the hike was anticlimactic since the water has been capped from running down stream, but along the way its a beautiful 4 mile hike. It was so neat to see so many families gathering together -- one of the reasons I like Utah so much. Unfortunately, when we left the canyon we were stuck in traffic for nearly an hour and we knew it couldn't be good when we heard siren after siren, with KSL and Life and Rescue helicopters hovering over the canyon. An hour later as we were able to move, we saw life and rescue men, police men, fireman stationed every 50 feet along the Provo River ready to jump in. A four year old girl had been playing near the Provo River and fell in, which is running extremely fast with a dangerously strong current. Her mother and a few other bystanders who witnessed the incident went running after her. Three bystanders were able to get out of the water, but the child, her mother, and another heroic bystander were all killed. It was hard to feel happy when you know those families must be feeling so devastated.

We got Smashburger with Jessica because we got no grill, and don't live in no house. We spent the rest of the evening at home -- with good reason we were pretty wiped out. It was such a fun weekend! The last two years we have gone down to St. George for Memorial Day weekend, so it was fun to stay local and explore Utah a bit more.

In other news... Bronson is totally official #internshiplife

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