bits of June

maybe its just the fact that I am two weeks away from no longer being "just emily," that i've decided to jump over here and begin the Gardner Place series. Bronson and I have been up to so much since the last time I blogged (Memorial Day weekend!) Thats got to be a new record for me. So lets do a quick re-cap.


At the beginning of June, even in the middle of spring classes, Bronson and I sneaked away to Oregon for a really short weekend trip. Bronson attended his brother Daymon's high school graduation from Astoria High (Daymon was a valedictorian!), and I got pampered with a bridal shower. I didn't know they could be that fun. I felt so overwhelmed with everyone's love through gifts, and kind words, and just being there. Emily Jensen and Corinne Ritz (two dear friends, more like sisters), threw the party--because lets be honest, its what they do best.

In the month of June, we also had our engagement pictures taken! We almost crashed twice driving to get these pictures because we drove on way narrow roads up in the Aspen Grove canyon. But obviously, totally worth it right? Look at these shots! Photo cred: Nicole Nugent

and up to this one had ever seen us kiss. So to ban any ongoing myths of us not actually kissing. We kissed. 

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