eight days

okay. so here is the deal. its 8 days until Bronson and I are married (excited and freaking out at the same time). that went by quick. I remember staring at my "count down" app on my cell phone during my lunch breaks with "73 days", and now were at 8. its pretty unreal.

I'd like to say everything is done and ready, but not quite. Its actually been rather comical planning a wedding.

But first, let me say this. Everything that is important--is going right. Everything that is unimportant, is going wrong.

Whats going right: All of my family is worthy to attend our sealing. All of Bronson's family is as well. We are getting married in our temple. We both have current temple recommends--and use them. We are finally making the covenant that we made in our hearts long ago as youth, that we lived in such a way to be worthy to marry in the temple. We are confident in our decision to marry each other--knowing that with the gospel and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our marriage can last for eternity. We love our family, and our families love us--and support our decision to marry. We both love each other. We both value the sealing ordinance and covenant enough to make it the highest priority in our lives. Can you see what I see? Everything important ... is going right.

Whats not going right: Well. First of all, Bronson's ring won't be here in time, so a $18 off Amazon will have to suffice. Everyone says they always lose their ring on the honeymoon--so maybe we got lucky. And second of all, I get too little sleep, work 10 hour days, and find anything and everything to stress about, and so I get sick, which makes me miss work, and make less money. And then the next week, I'm still stressed and sick, so I get a cold sore on my nose--its comparable to an island growing on my nose. Or maybe others mistake it for being a nose ring infection, its a toss up. Then, finding the right clothes for family members to wear is a night mare. I still don't have shoes or jewelry for the wedding day--so maybe I won't wear either (kidding, mom). I'm constantly paranoid that someone is going to get in a car accident and not make it to the wedding. I still need to pack and move out of my apartment--and then live out of a suitcase for 3 weeks. And not to mention, I still need to teach two Final Exam review sessions for my class, and grade 150 more end of semester projects. Sigh. And the list still goes on...

Although I do have the physical evidence of being stressed (cough, my cold sore), I have felt this surplus of peace and calmness in my life--which I usually don't feel in times of high stress. I also feel like extra hours have been given in the day, or extra energy to get things done. I realized how much God has been calming this storm (bad analogy, my wedding isn't a storm--its all the other stuff!), in my life.

Well. I hope your life is going up and up, because don't worry, mine is too!

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