playing catch up

i'm severely behind on updating our lives. if we don't blog about it, it didn't happen right?

I would rather just explain everything to you through pictures, but i'm still waiting for 1,056 photos to be uploaded to my computer right now.

Today--this very Sunday a year ago, Bronson and I met for the first time! And thank goodness we did, because both of our lives were absolutely changed for the eternities.


Bronson and I, regardless of how busy we were, managed to fit some fun in before heading to Oregon. We went and saw "Crazy for you," the musical at the Scera outdoor theatre. It was a fun community family event where everyone brought blankets and watched it.

Somehow we found time that week to pack up, and move our stuff to Uncle Brad and Aunt Dana's that week. So August has been the month of living out of a suitcase. We even met up with Alice-Anne and her kids, and Crismon at the new Bean Life Science Museum, and dinner with them.

Friday, August 7th, was a crazy day. We got up early and borrowed our 1st Counselor in the bishopric's truck so we could go pick up a couch from BYU's surplus sale. We tried moving it, but luckily some Polynesian's showed up and offered to help! (Thank goodness!), we moved that to Brad and Dana's and then went to work, then a few hours later moved the rest of Bronson's stuff to their house--and then ended with Five Guys for dinner, and Studio C.

Alice-Anne and Gary joined us for the Studio C live taping! (All thanks goes to Bronson for getting us those tickets and good seats!) It was phenomenal and extremely therapuetic to laugh that much. Bronson was sitting in a seat where he was asked to leave for one of the sketches because they needed to use his seat in the audience, as a reward, we got an autographed copy of a studio C picture. We got lots of sneak peaks of Season 6 and its going to be their best season!

We didn't get home until very late, and I realized that Bronson's Amazon fake ring didn't even come! So being the emotionally fragile bride I was, I called customer service--and lets just say, I probably wanted to make that lady want to quit her job.

The next morning we were supposed to get up early and clean and leave for Oregon! However, I woke up, stressed and anxoius and found myself throwing up instead of cleaning.

For the next four hours we deep cleaned and loaded everything into the car. What I will remember most is Jai and Brittany's kindness to come help. They were trying to pack and clean up Jai's apartment, but Bronson had mentioned that I was stressed, so Brittany came straight over to my apt. She knocked on the door, but since I was blasting music and cleaning, she walked in and found me and offered to help. It was one of those moments where I was so grateful for covenant people in the gospel, who help even when it is inconvenient.

By 1pm, Bronson and I had handed over our apartment keys and said goodbye (without any tears at all!) to Belmont. We began driving to Oregon. Bronson is really patient with me in the car. I know for sure I'm not the most fun passenger--I just seem to immediately fall asleep without trying, so he is good to drive and drive and drive for hours and not complain.

We arrived late in Hermiston, and the next morning drove to Gresham for church. That Sunday we had a family dinner and short program to help prepare us for our upcoming temple marriage. It was easy to make the decision to marry Bronson in the Temple, because this was a decision that we had both made in our youth--just by the way we lived--that we would never live in a way that would make us unable to marry in the temple. So, on August 14th, we were able to finally make that covenant, that we had promised to ourselves to make so long ago.

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