me + you (phase 2)


- my mother and father, who not only survived raising me for 22 years, but giving me the most beautiful (my dream outdoor wedding).
-my family who traveled long distances (with children) to be at our temple sealing
-the Gardner's for their love and support, and putting up with me in their family
-the 3,384 prayers my mother offered for good weather since the day we were engaged. it didn't rain that day. my mother is a saint.
-for all my friends who traveled way too many hours in a car to celebrate our very favorite day.
-my parents. i just could thank them over and over again.

-I felt an overwhelming amount of love for everyone that day and even during the reception--even for people I didn't really know. It is easy to get caught up in the dazzling things of a wedding, but the best and most important part was sharing our wedding day with those that we love the most. Thats really why I wish I could relive that day, was just all the happiness that was felt--especially in the temple. I feel a greater love for my family, who put in so much effort and work together to create a perfect wedding. Even in the wind, they hurried and helped set up all the decorations for the reception, and doing more than they should've. I so appreciated them coming together as a team to pull off an absolutely stunning reception for Bronson and I. And of course, thanks to Bronson for letting me be his for eternity.

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