my one major dilemma

Thank goodness cooking isn't a pre-requisite to getting married.
If it was, I'd surely be destined an old maid for the rest of my life.

You are probably thinking, "oh, stop, Emily, your cooking can't be that bad." But you're wrong. See. Bronson did not grow up, or most recently live off frozen burritos or box mac and cheese--even as a single college student or a missionary. In fact, the very first meal we had in pre-dating, was made by HIM. And it wasn't anything frozen, it was taco soup (still praising his name for it, because that stuff was good). And at that point in my life, i wasn't eating anything but tortilla chips and chocolate chips together for lunches and dinners. Chips and chips, you can't go wrong.

Fast forward to our dating life, Bronson and I always did the cooking together (he made sure of it, because he's smarter than that). However, now that Brons has started the IS program, no way does he have time to make food, and so that means one thing: I cook. As such, I always highly encourage to to take advantage of anything that has free food on campus.

So here is my one major dilemma.
Now that I have so many fancy kitchen toys to play with--stainless steel, cast iron, and rice cookers (seriously, its like Christmas everyday to open the cupboards), one thing hasn't changed. My cooking is the same. Less than average, mediocre, and just plain-ol-Jane.

I was convinced that with fancy toys, my food would be marvelous. I was wrong. That stainless steel pot didn't make my spaghetti taste any better. But it was my fault. (and besides, who screws up spaghetti!)

I remember the first night I cooked dinner for Bronson (pre-dating! Seriously, what was I thinking jeopardizing my marital career with a plate of dinner!), I called Meredith, Julia and my mom, desperate that one of them would answer. I kept Julia on the phone for 20 mins to have help me cook chicken and make rice. #blessher I suppose we have her to thank for helping us get off to a less rocky start. ;)

Well. Thats all. My 2016 goal is to actually make food decent enough that Bronson will want three servings, and someone will actually ask to come eat dinner with us.

For now, I'll work on my life dream goal to hold an 8 course meal of purely sugary-Cold-cereals. #yum


  1. Haha! thanks for the laugh!
    I doubt you are THAT bad! :)

  2. You have so many talents, Emily, I guess you need a challenge, but I know you'll conquer this one, too. Your last line, though, made me ill just thinking about it.


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