midnight (oreo) dinner with Bronson

Our second day back to school can be put simply: ROUGH.

It was so bad I don't even want to talk about. We seriously were suffering from summer-vacation-withdrawls. Poor Bronson was working hard until 10pm with his team on a group project, and I was without dinner (I know, way worse, right?). We both just wanted to cry together (well, actually that was just me), about how much it sucked. But we made it, and every day since has been much better. 

So, at 11pm, we finally crash on the bed, no dinner, no brain power to do any more homework, and no motivation to get up the next day. Bronson said he had a proposition. I quickly said "no," before he even asked. But then, I couldn't deny. "Today, I found some oreos in my backpack, wanna eat them with me?" 

Its pretty hard to say no to Bronson, and then when it involved Oreos too? Smitten. 

Lets just say, Bronson and I are going to be living the dirt-poor-newly-wed-life because of a recent turn of unfortunate events. But....we still have target gift cards, 5 pyrex sets, and each other, so what else really matters?

Let me just over dose you now on wedding pics. Because that instantly makes me smile. 

Pre-Wedding Pow-Wow with my Family: Temple Sealings and Blackberry Milkshakes 

 ^^^ Isn't she ADORABLE?? this was my favorite picture of all! Go mom! ^^^
^^ a picture of a miracle. thank goodness for over night delivery! ^^

 ^^ we might've paid a pretty penny for all the flowers, but geez, i felt like a queen! I loved loved loved all the flowers! ^^ 

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