The Gardner's of 314

We moved, and you know what? We are beyond THRILLED!
Thanks to Jessica (sista) and Hayley (friend), we moved in 7 hours! Moving to this apartment, has been a every-kind-of-emotion-you can experience. We were so anxious to move in, only to find out we weren't approved to live here. For a whole week, we prayed and were waiting with suspense to find out if we could move it--and it was the first week of school too. But Heavenly Father always blesses us. 

And so, we were blessed with all 613 sq feet of this beautiful-New York City-mock apartment. I'm in love. We didn't except to be living in a brand new place--especially for being newly married. But just as my entire life theme song (courtesy of my siblings) goes... "S-P-O-I-L-E-D that is the name for Emily..." just kidding. 


 Thanks Jules for the cute picture decor! 


- Headboard done by the fabulous Aunt Jeralyn (she has her refurnishing business--next family reunion, I want her to teach a class!)
-Bedding from my Grandma Julia
-Mattress and bed frame from Gardner grandparents

What better way to break in a home then to make cookies with your brand new BOSCH. Gives me chills. (kinda, just kidding). 

Special thanks to:

-My mom for listening to my cry, complain, and stress about getting into this apartment complex
-Jessica & Hayley for helping us move (on a Saturday, in their free time, for fun? that is true charity.)
-Bronson, for walking through every aisle at Target looking for the perfect items for our apartment
-Michelle for the DARLING white dish ware, decorative pillows, and "G" decor. AND....for letting us use the trailer to haul all of our life possessions down to Utah. 
-Gardner Grandparents for their bed. I so much prefer that to the blow-up mattress we own. 
-Basically to everyone who's help contribute to this marriage, because all of what we own and have is because of the generosity of others. 


  1. Ugh. This deleted my comment. But it's fun to see your new place! You've done a great job making it feel homey and so cute. Very nice of so many to help you get settled. I was wondering if you had used your Bosch yet to make cookies. Glad you got into this apt!

  2. Nice apartment Emily! It was fun seeing these pics.

  3. So happy for you guys to have this lovely apt. to start your lives together. You've decorated it so cute!

  4. I'm just now seeing this,...I need to keep up with your posting better! Very cute!

    I had to chuckle that we lived in a 600+, square foot apartment with 3 children,...and Bronson and Jessica slept on the floor! You are lucky!

    I love how you've decorated. I can't wait to see it in person!


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