The very best day

Our wedding day was a miracle day.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain were predicted to last the entire day. However, on our wedding day, clouds threatened us, but not a drop of rain fell until after we entered our car and drove off.
(I say its due to the fact that my mother has been praying for good weather since the day we were engaged, and I prayed for 4 hours the night before, because lets face it, what bride actually sleeps on the night before their wedding day.)

And so, our wedding day was a miracle day.

We were surrounded by so many friends, family, and loved ones, I about burst. I was grateful for my mom and Michelle to help me dress so carefully before the ceremony. This was something I've always looked forward to, and I couldn't believe it was me, the one getting married. I couldn't hold back the tears as I gave one last hug to them before seeing Bronson, or during our sealing ceremony. We were sealed in room 14. So fitting for being married on the 14th. Being married in the temple was a promise Bronson and I made individually in our youth, and so finally, the day had come for us to actually make this covenant with God and each other. All I remember was being completely and utterly happy. Something you don't experience everyday.

I felt a deeper and greater love for everyone, each family member, my parents, my church youth leaders, my dear friends, and especially Bronson. Each person has helped us arrive at this point in our lives--and for that I am so grateful.

Here are some pictures that make me smile: Taken by : Kierstin Yates Photography

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  1. I'm so glad your dreams came true; to marry a choice, good looking, fun, spiritual young man that you adored and who was the missing piece in your life to help you become all the Lord needed and wanted you to be. Married in the House of the Lord, to the right person, at the right time and make sacred covenants to each other and t the Lord. Even if the weather didn't cooperate for us it still would have been a perfect day. Just a very choice miracle sent from up above. We love you!


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