the wedding eve

You better believe it: My heart and stomach simultaneously happy all because of Michelle's cafe rio salad. And everyone else concurred. 
And....I got to see Bronson again, of course. 

 ^^ The fun table. Obviously. ^^

THE FLOWER TEAM. It really was a family affair. But seriously the most fun I had prior to the wedding.

^^ my awesome sister in law Janelle helping me with my bouquet ^^
^^ thank goodness for crafty hands and minds, their flower work was incredible ^^

 ^^ I REALLY love this picture. I think it captures our relationship. I have this tendency to have a hard time showing public displays of affection, but I really do love him. I whole heartedly promise. 

^^ At this point, we hadn't seen each other for a few days, and then just the next day we would be married! Gosh, my heart is goozing over here with love. ^^ 
^^ And thank goodness for Clayton (B's cousin for entertaining the mass of kids)

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