alot to do about nothing and everything

two reasons why today was monumental:
i finally touched a crock pot.
i'v avoided that guy for a long time.
i was threatened by them because i thought it'd be hard and confusing--when in reality it was the opposite. (its always that way isn't it?).

the second monumental act: we used the bosch food processor to slice all the carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes (yes!). i purposely look for an excuse to use the bosch, because i love it so much. hence, we've already made cookies today too.

so, two fears tackled in one day.

this entire week, i was itching to blog--fretting I was getting behind in updating our daily lives. But because of the kind of week I had, I wouldn't allow myself too. There was just no way.
So here is a brief recap going all the way back to September:

-for Bronson's birthday, he had cubscouts, and then we went to Red Robin with Jessica for a late dinner. I made a cake for him while he was at scouts, but of course I forgot to buy matches at the store.

- That weekend we had a Lewis Cousin's Family Dinner. A true victory to get that many Lewis heads under one roof. We left to attend a fireside with Elder Michael F. Watson, the secretary to the last four prophets: Monson, Hinckely, Hunter, and Benson. He shared insights and memories of their life, that we'd never heard before.

- That next weekend we made more trips to Joann's and Hobby Lobby than Bronson ever wanted to in his life, but he was a good sport. He claims that nothing can compare to showing love than going to hobby lobby with me. He's probably right. That night I invited Brittany Knighton (Jai & Brittany are our friends from Belmont, and came to our wedding), Becca Thayne (funny story about her, I met her one day when she came to pick up her "thank you" cards after she got married from my work, we talked for about 10 mins bc she is just a friendly person. Then when we saw each other at church, we tried thinking for about 10 mins how we knew each other, now we've been good friends since!), and Jessica to come over and watch the General Women's broadcast with me. Then Jessica helped me put fabric cushion/covers over the stools, and we watched a movie afterwards.

I took the liberty to take pictures of our meals this week, because it wasn't spaghetti more then once this week! #realaccomplishment

We made kale and broccoli omlettes one night, but that was on accident. So it was literally green eggs and ham, and you know what, it was good. 

 And this was my view while cooking 

AND then, one night i felt ambitious and made these potatoes with spices on them. I really sure read the recipes more thoroughly, because I was doubling it, I thought I'd have to double the spices too. So it seemed weird when I was added 4 Tbsp of basil, and 4 tbsp of salt, and other spices, and then I read the rest of the recipe and said, "just use a small teaspoon of the spice mix." 
are you kidding me? grrrr. but they were good!

-just like last year, we've been attending all the BYU football games. The only reason I was able get a pass last year, was I told my mom this really cute boy was really into sports, and I needed a pass so he could go with me, and not any other girl. It worked.

-Bronson's been good about going to any and every internship and career info sessions that companies present at. Even if he felt like some were a waste of time, he still goes and i'm proud of him.

-General conference was last weekend! And its our favorite weekend of the year (more on that later).

- You know that stereotype that once someone gets married they all of a sudden become old and boring. I'm ashamed to say it, but we are that couple. By the time friday night comes, we are dry as molasses. Case in point: we went to bed at 9:30 on a Friday night. Booyah.

-This week was a big feat for me: I had to do somethings I've never done before (And thats hard!).
The week before last, I got up early to attend early morning seminary in Spanish Fork. I needed to observe the class I was going to be teaching. I was feeling comfortable and confident with the class I was given, because they frequently participated, and were quiet, and attentive. And.... the teacher was Bronson's roommates father, double bingo. Then this week, I got a text from my professor saying I observed the wrong class, and I'd need to go back to Spanish Fork before I taught on Thursday and Friday (of course). So, after having a grueling midterm on Tuesday, i got up and observed on Wednesday. The class was nothing short of a nightmare (okay, okay, I'm probably being dramatic), but they wouldn't stop talking, they found their phones more interesting than the scriptures, and I wanted to run out and cry, of course this would happen to me!
Feeling less motivated, I tried to prepare my lessons, and at the same time study for another grueling midterm on Friday.

I need about a  year of serving Bronson to make up and thank him for all he did for me this week. I never made a lunch, or touched a dirty dish, or even worried if it was spaghetti for dinner. He didn't complain about the clean laundry on the floor, or making him late to work everyday (because of the commute from Spanish fork to provo), and doesn't even hate me for staining all the pillowcases in our house with my mascara. Bronson could do well in a career of being a life-pep-talk coaching, because he gave me multiple pep talks a day. Even at 5:30 in the morning. After teaching Friday morning, and when I picked him up, I threw my arms up in the air and yelled "We did it!" Because Bronson really did this with me.

Even though Seminary teaching was hard, I am grateful for the life lessons I learned from the Old Testament: Forgiving others makes us more like Jesus Christ. Anger and hatred lead to greater sin, so repent immediately! We can have sacred experiences if we prepare properly. Bad things happen to good people, but God allows that because He loves us. Those were just a few take away life lessons I learned.

my week also looked like this. but hey, we all handle stress differently okay?

Thursday we attended the Homecoming Spectacular despite the stressful schedules. We got to see David Archuleta, so theres no question if it was good or not! Our tickets were $5, and that explains our quality of seats too (nosebleed benchers, with no empty seats around or back rests). Awesome.

-Bronson and I had tests on Friday, and attended the temple after I got off work. We probably got as much sleep this week as parents of a new born baby, so we gladly welcomed in the weekend.

-Saturday, we got up early to pick up a dresser in Lehi, that I found on a facebook yard sale page (thank goodness that exists! We found our table on there too!). Then, we spent too long at target decided between which candle we wanted to buy to diffuse the clogged pipe aroma lingering in our apartment -- so much for a "new" place. And because of that, we were late to picking up Jessica for the "Oregon alumi chapter" pizza party. They seriously underestimate a college students desire for free food. There were 3x the number of people they expected, so we walked away hungry.

the dresser that can't have 2 drawers opened at once, or it will fall over!

-That night we had tickets to go to the football game with my friend, Bree Hibbert. Unfortunately I had a migrane-like headache all day, that I was convinced was going to go away, but it didn't. Not even ibpf killed it. So i cried for 30 minutes about how sorry I was for making Bronson miss the football game. He has grounds to hate me, but he doesn't. *sigh* #bestpersonever. He even went grocery shopping during half time, and hugged me when my head hurt (which was the entire time). I told Bronson later that night, that I think I was so physically, emotionally and every sort of exhausted, because I've never tried or worked this hard in school before--I always did the bare minimum, but Bronson's really helped me see my potential, and so i'm trying very hard.
We watched the Italian Job that night, and I'm only recording that because I didn't fall asleep, which is a record, because I've fallen asleep in every movie we watch together, even in theaters. Don't believe me, ask julia!

And a really cute picture, because we are cute. 


  1. And, I'm officially following you! That wasn't so hard. Lol.

  2. Bronson is a champ! But you are great too! You guys make an epic team!


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