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We did a really big-grown-up thing. We moved, but together! Here is our entire lives packed up into boxes. Only, thats not everything, that trailer was packed to the brim. And half of it was being stored at Brad & Dana Moss' house (Oh they were lifesavers!). We picked up a bed in Hermiston, from Gardner grandparents, and then a bed frame from Aunt Jeralyn & Uncle Phil in Boise. 
It only took us 22 hours to get to Provo. Thanks so much to Jim & Michelle for letting us use their trailer for an extended period of time. Its been a huge blessing. 

    Here we are pulled up at 11:35pm in West Jordan, filling up on gas for the last leg to Springville! We got in an hour later, and I think managed to brush our teeth but thats about it. The best part, we had to get up at 6:30 the next morning to be at work at 8!
 Yay for being all responsible and doing adult stuff. :( 

I'm mostly smiling because Bronson said to be a 'true' Gardner, I had to be capable of pulling a trailer. And I did. For 4 hours. I probably made it through an entire pack of gum to keep me awake. 

I love this picture of Bronson mostly because he's wearing a purple shirt, shooting a pink gun. He just told me he had a "work meeting." Yeah right! ;)

Now here is to everything else unsorted (I suppose, literally!) but worthy of documentation:

Did I ever mention that the day we moved in was the same day that BYU played Nebraska, and there was a hail mary catch that won the game, and people STILL won't stop talking about. Yeah. Bronson is still deciding if he's going to forgive me or not. But while everyone was  celebrating BYU's victory, we were in a mountain of boxes, unearthing all of our stuff. 

But to make up for that, we've been to all the BYU games since. 

For awhile, we didn't have internet. And it sucked. And it rocked because it meant we talked a lot, but also complained a lot about not being able to do school work. But on Monday's, FHE looked like this: Lots of wheel of fortune. Thanks to this gift from my sister Alice-Anne. I played it all the time when I would stay at her house in the summer. I am finally beating my 14 year self high scores! woot!

Bronson and I bought our rite of passage into adulthood by getting a SAMs club membership, and it rocks. Thank goodness for their unlimited supply of tillamook cheese, whole grain breads, Rhodes rolls, and milk. The best part, they are only 1 stoplight away from out apartment! 

 One Sunday we had Hayley (ex-roommate), and Kacy (ex-companion), over for dinner. It was kinda perfect because Bronson had home teaching all afternoon, so I got to talk for hours and hours with them. Kacy and I were MTC companions, and then roommates, and since I got married, social circles change, and now Hayley and Kacy are great friends, which makes me really happy. Because then its like an awesome triangle of friendship.

While staying with Brad and Dana for a few weeks, in that span of time, Michelle, Jessica, and Logan drove to Utah to drop Jessica off for Fall Semester. In that week, when we weren't working, we got to play with them. And one of the best days was going boating! I've always been scared of tubing since I  had bad experiences when I was 14 in Montana, so it was awesome trying something new...wake surfing! Even though I'm legally a Gardner, I don't quite have the Gardner blood. They are absolute naturals on the water. The best part: it was late enough in August that everyone was in school, and we had the entire lakes to ourselves!

 In the first couple weeks of school, Bronson was glued to school work, but they did hold a fun event for all IS majors, at a rope/adventures course. So we went canoeing. (check that off the bucket list!)

 (Below): Bronson and I made milkshakes for our date. Actually two dates in a row have been going grocery shopping. And its always been my idea. But obviously you can see, we are NOT on a diet. Which probably explains the 7-layer cookies we made today!

I've mentioned this but never proved it with a picture. This was Jessica and my DIY project, of covering the barstool with fabric and padding! I really like the way it turned out.

Last Saturday, Bronson spent 6 hours on an assignment. He came to the church with me so I could practice the piano for choir, and wouldn't have to be alone...(he really loves me!)

And...MORE pictures from our honeymoon! I said...finds everything and anything good to see in a city. He found a flyer for a chocolate factory tour, and knew I'd want to go to that. The best part, is it is named one of the top 10 best in the nation--and we aren't exactly sure why because it went little something like this. 

walk in. see a sign that says, "Self guided tour (arrow pointing)." We walked down a hallway, read facts about the place written with a marker by hand, and 2 windows where two people were working." And you walk around another hallway, and thats it! 

So we got ice cream. And that was good. And then we went tubing down the river. 

The burger joint we found! 

And congrats if you made it to the end of this blog post. I am using a picture of my niece Jocelyn, in Hawaii who perfectly depicts how i feel right now. Because i just finished my first round of midterms and got all A's, and even a 100%! Basically, awesome!


  1. Loved reading again. Well, except the picture of me skiing in my 40's! ;)

  2. 1) you and Bronson are so every picture
    2) I am so happy I am on your blog
    3) that picture of me is horrible
    4) congrats on getting A's on your midterms, you are incredible!
    5) I miss you!


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