We spent the majority of the day traveling to Bend, Oregon! (When we tell people we drove for about 4 hours to Bend for our honeymoon, they say, "oh how romantic, to have that time to talk in the car." I quickly inform them, that I was the opposite of romantic. I sleep 3.5 hours of the trip. Every thirty minutes Bronson would loudly exclaim "wow, look how beautiful that is!" I'd open one eye, get a glimpse and then fall right back to sleep. But I just got married. Can you blame me!?) Sorry, Bronson!

Once we arrive at our sweet chalet, we drove around Redmond, to buy some groceries and eat dinner. It was tricky to find a decent place to eat--because me, being ignorant and naive, and I didn't realize Redmond/Bend is where all the retired people go to drink and play golf. So we had a hard time find somewhere to eat that wasn't a pub or brewery. And theres only about 5 different streets to drive on. We found this cute hamburger place--that Bronson still claims was his favorite hamburger he's ever ate. And its where I tried bacon on my hamburger (and definitely approve!). Every night on our honeymoon, Bronson and I watched a Harry Potter movie. We started the first two a couple weeks before we got married, so we were hooked and wanting to get through the entire series.


Was for sleeping and going to church. I always ask Bronson if he wishes he could go back to our honeymoon. He says no, but mainly because we were so dog tired. I've never been more stressed, with a million and one emotions and nerves like I have for our wedding-- and the night before the wedding I think I managed to get 2 hours of sleep on the floor. We watched our wedding video made by Michelle, and then we went on a easy bike ride around the resort to finish off our sabbath.


One thing you need to know about Bronson is he wants to see and do everything! I just try to keep up with him. He was so cute to prepare so well for this trip. He made an excel doc of places to see, museums to visit, places to eat out. He set a budget for each day and was good to stick to it.  

We first went to the Lava Tube Caves. Which would be such a great family activity. You get to walk through a mile underground! This is the largest lava tube cave in the country. It was so fun!


Because we paid for the National Parks day pass (okay, it was only $5), it seemed necessary to get our money's worth. First stop, was this little hike of lava ruins, called Lava Butte. It was hot, and we were hungry and tired, so after eating lunch, I took a nap in the car (I told you we were tired!). Bronson still wanted to see more, so we drove to Benham Falls. It was an easy but longer hike, and unfortunately the "Falls" wasn't anything like Multnomah like I was expecting. It was actually about 2 feet of "falls". But pretty hike, and EXCELLENT company. We finished by going to Olive Garden for dinner, to be fancy, and so we could also have leftovers for the rest of the week. :)


You need a full day to see everything here. I especially liked the outdoor exhibits of the reenactments of log cabins, and wood mills, and chicken coops. It reminded me a lot of "This is the Place". There were lots of animals that we saw--and that I didn't particularly care for either. 


We really wanted to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding, but decided to go tubing down the river. It was kinda of crazy, because we floated for .5 miles and then had to get out and get on a bus where they took us to the top of the river, and we floated back to our original location. 
Now this was definitely a team building activity. We held on to each others tubes the entire time, because other wise I would scream (i'm a scarty-cat sometimes, okay?). But then it was also helpful when we were both trying to paddle away from tree branches, logs, and trying to get to the shore. 
The last picture, shows us with Apple Cider. The irony is that because we hadn't done dishes all week, the kid cups were the only ones left, and so it seemed very fitting to be drinking cider from those cups. #finedining


I haven't personally witnessed any part of earth that was more beautiful than Crater Lake. It just doesn't exist, and if it does, well, I just haven't been there yet. 

Crater lake is absolutely stunning. Luckily, we were able to have a 2 hour boat tour of the lake, learn about its history, why the way it is, and what makes it so beautiful. Its a really long story and headache of how we actually got there, so I'd almost rather bypass telling it. But for histories sake, let it be known that we are your One-of-a-Kind-Honeymooners. We woke up at 5:30 am to drive for 4 hours to get to Crater Lake. And we drove 4 hours back. We might've said a few bad words in our head for how difficult it was, but, looking back, it was definitely worth it. The water is so blue, its like someone filled it with blue Powerade, thats how clear and pure it is. In fact, you can drop a weight down and still see it for 143 feet, thats how clean the water is. 
Bronson easily beats Crater Lake in its beauty though...just look at this man!

^^ saying goodbye to our wonderful chalet!
 Thanks to Ron & Cynthia Parker for making this possible! 
I loved our honeymoon, because who doesn't like time with their spouse all to themselves for 24/7! It was so fun to go on a vacation with Bronson! He makes it so fun! So, after 5 days of marriage, I was already convinced how much I loved being married to Bronson!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I didn't realize all you did on your honeymoon!! How fun!

    1. And ps. It sounds like bronson is the perfect person to do vacations with--since he would do all the hard work of scouting out activities!


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