I keep scrolling through photos on my phone and realize how far behind I am in blogging.

Well, after the wedding, and the honeymoon, the next big event was having the Open House in Astoria. We drove from Bend to Gresham and opened up presents, then made our trek to Astoria. Michelle did a fabulous job decorating for the open house! It was STUNNING. Just imagine a picture perfect backyard that you see in magazines, with coordinating chairs and flowers. Michelle made a dozen kind of cookies, and its was good to finally meet people I'd always heard about. Jessica and I made flower crowns. Bronson went and got the tires switched. I folded laundry (I got it good!), and we waited until it was time for it to start.

I keep feeling overwhelmed by the generosity of people--and how much they sacrifice to help us get started. I look around our apartment and realize, besides the clothes we own, we didn't buy a single thing, besides our table, couch, and TV stand. So, we've been so blessed.

And in case you can't tell by these pictures. Six words: I LOVE BEING MARRIED TO BRONSON.

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