7 lessons from emily's kitchen

I know what you are looks perfect and scrumptious. But not so hasty, keep reading.....

1. How do recipe bloggers live? They make gourmet meals all the time and take fancy pictures. I can barely make 2 meals a week and after I finishing making one meal I'm so exhausted, I'd rather just eat a bowl of cereal. (Sigh).

2. Garlic salt is NOT the same thing as Minced Garlic. Why isn't that written on the labels??

3. Next time I'll pray before I make gravy. I've never seen or tasted anything like my gravy before. . . and there's a very definite reason why. 

4. Recipes should put the fine print before the real stuff. I would've saved my stomach and the mashed potatoes from adding 4x the amount of parsley. (Sigh again) 

5. no one besides Bronson make me willing to stand over a hot stove and stir gravy with one hand and flip chicken with the other. But eating dinner alone with a candle doesn't even come close to making up for Bronson. (Hey Brons, if you're reading this, Come home from school!)

6. Chocolate milk is my beer. 

7. I think I'd just prefer to leave the kitchen impeccably clean and just eat cereal for the rest of my life. 


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