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I know this is old news, and I feel like my heart is finally starting to heal from everything that has taken place. Last week, the Prophet and Quorum of the 12 Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, updated a policy for local leaders in regards of child baptisms of homosexual parents. I saw this in my news feed and thought nothing of it. I shrugged, and kept scrolling. Little did I know how much controversy this would produce, when it really shouldn't have.

In one sentence I can say that I know the Prophet and the Apostles are living witnesses of Christ, and have given their lives to His work and service, and as such, they give us correct guidance and counsel on how we should live today. I know that to be true. Now, with that said. There were many that didn't share my same feelings and its hurt me deeply. I just want them to feel what I feel.

Theres a story in the Book of Mormon that I believe perfectly illustrates what has happened in the last week. In 3 Nephi 11, the crowning event of Jesus Christ's ministry to the Nephites in the American continent is about to occur. The people of Nephi were all gathered around the temple of Bountiful, as they had seen some signs concerning Christ's death.

It says in verse 3, "And it came to pass that while they were thus conversing one with another, they heard a voice as if it came out of heaven; and they cast their eyes round about, for they understood not the voice which they heard..." When the people heard something they didn't understand, they looked around them at everyone else, in a horizontal direction. Next, they hear the same voice again, and understood it not. 

Finally in verse 5, "And again the third time they did hear the voice, and did open their ears to hear it; and their eyes were towards the sound thereof; and they did look steadfastly towards heaven, from whence the sound came." This time, when they heard it, they looked heavenward, towards Heavenly Father, for that light and guidance. They didn't look horizontally at the people around them to provide guidance. 

There are instances in life when we don't understand certain commandments, doctrines, policies or instruction, but looking heavenward is the only direction we should look when seeking inspiration or confirmation concerning our doubts--not horizontally for everyone else to tell us how we should feel. 

I still can't quite understand how God is so merciful, kind, loving, and understanding to us, that even when He gives us guidance, and some reject it, He still will give us further light and knowledge. He just loves us to give us any counsel at all, and I am happy that I am member of this church, because without the gospel, I would have no purpose or direction in my life. Instead, I know where I am going.

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