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Oh no, i'm becoming one of those...people.. you know the kind that takes pictures of their food. oh wait, don't care. maybe its because its the only evidence of being successful that people actually want to see. no one wants to see my test scores, or heres what I have to show for myself. 

first, I thought my cooking was revolutionized because of some cooking video's i'd see on Facebook. But ever since that evil butternut squash fiasco, I now rely on my sister julia for my cooking regimen. 

Julia's got the really brave & courageous soul for trying out 365 different vegan meals in a year. A new one each day. She posts about them daily, and then when I find something I like, I'll try to mimic it the next day, but usually finding a way to make it NOT vegan. Bronson likes meat too much, and I like ice cream too much. 

So heres a few of the latest :
Taco Soup - Lion House  

just for fun... this took 20 mins, 5 christmas songs, and 1 really sore arm to get this clean.


small request: when I die, bury me under this restaurant it is SO good. 
mostly because I got to eat my argentina food!

This was our Halloween treat, thanks to Michelle!

Pumpkins aren't easy to come by in Hawaii, apparently they are $150. So, you have to use a pineapple instead. haha. 

Some people cook with a glass of wine or beer, but I drink chocolate milk. yummy.

Rating: 3 stars. I'd half the cream cheese and add water. 
It was too thick for me, and not soupy enough.

Rating: 4.5 I really liked everything about this. And so did Bronson! 
We added Chicken--so not vegan--and ate it with chips too. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed your thoughts and testimony. You are so right!
    Fun to hear about your food making skills! You've got this! :)

  2. No way! I'm making those burrito bowls this week. Never had them before! And dang, you make the meal look delish. Maybe if I focused on presentation, my kids would eat what I make


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