dinner turned absolute disaster

I'll acknowledge the fact that we went to Logan last week to celebrate a Smith family Halloween Party, but not until I tell you about our worst disaster yet.

I made this deal with Bronson that I will cook two meals per week. And its worked out well. I'll usually double it, and so it'll last us that night, the next days lunch, dinner, and bam, we are half way through the week. You get the picture.

Theres a page on Facebook called "Tasty" (you should search for it), i give it complete credit for revolutionizing my cooking. I loathed it, now I'm embracing it.

Poor Bronson, I get all these ideas to try new recipes, some that probably wouldn't be on his "dinner wish list".

Tonight, i was so excited to make Butternut Squash Alfredo (uhm, YUM!). It just screams Fall! Last night, (i swear our weekend date is grocery shopping, religiously.) We were looking for Butternut squash's. But they were all out except for the organic kind. I asked the produce man if they had any more. He told me to just rip of the Organic sticker and take it. I shrugged, and took it. Bronson didn't like that though, so I just to be sure, I went back to him and asked, "Were you serious or joking about taking off the sticker, because, I really want to." He was absolutely certain. Cool. We took it.

Today, after choir practice, I hurried to make this, I was so excited. Well, I was confident doubling it would be a good idea, because lets face it, I didn't want to have to go through all that trouble of cutting, and slicing, and measuring, again.

Okay, now long story short. I was three ingredients in, when I realized I was missing about 5 of the next ingredients. Google didn't fail me about what could be substituted for what. And I had to fudge little here and there. But in the end, I made enough pasta for us, the entire Lewis family and the children of Israel. I almost cried. I had no idea what I was doing.

This picture does NOT show the real depth of this pot. I swear. 

Bronson ate it. And I did too. And had it not been fast sunday, we probably would've warmed up some chimichangas, but we were out of that too.

This is where it gets bad. I packed as much as I could in our largest pyrex dish, and when still have the pot full, I just decided to throw it out (Alice-Anne gave me permission, so I felt less guilty). I decided to do it down the disposal. Bad Idea. And now Bronson and I are smelling the aftermath of a clogged, butternut squash pasta stuffed to the max in those pipes. We'll be buying drain-o tomorrow, and a lot of it.

In the meantime, I'll just go back to watching my Hallmark movie on Youtube while i write number 7 of 250 thank you cards. yippee.


  1. Hahahaha! I love reading your blog! It made my night. It actually looks good! Did it really taste bad ?

  2. I know I'm weird, but it kind of looks good. Was it? You're a brave soul to tackle these recipes. That clogged drain reminds me when I peeled about 25 potatoes and tried to put them down the Linton's disposal. Wrong. It backed up bad. Embarrassing!


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