Ending of Fall

The end of October

Halloween is one of those half-lived holidays. People either love it, hate it, or just like the candy. And bronson and I fall into the later category.

Last year for Halloween, we hiked Y-Mount and skipped out on the costume parties. Little did I know this year people had extremely elaborate costumes, even as married people. Had I know, I would've need the feel year just to think up a costume!

This year for Halloween, we did things little different. The day before, we did sealings in the temple--which if you ask me, is a very appropriate to celebrate the day of the dead ;)
This was so fun for us to do, because it reminded us of our wedding day, and being with family (I think thats when my thoughts are so clear and exact, are in the temple).

Then Halloween day, we did homework and shopping in Lehi with Jessica. Shopping is usually pretty unsuccessful these days, because neither one of us can get ourselves to buy anything, unless its with gift cards. We did go out to eat at Macaroni Grill because we were treated it (thanks michelle!), and oh my, I haven't stopped dreaming about that place. I want to go back daily.

At 8pm on Halloween, Bronson and I went grocery shopping, like we do every weekend for our date, and we bought a 2 oz pumpkin, and that was our extent of our Halloween.

So i gave you about 300% more information than you probably wanted to know, but this is my only journal, so enjoy it, or stop reading. ;)


Once its November 1st, its tradition in the Lewis household to start listening to Christmas music. Bronson nearly cries, but I quickly remind him, "Happy wife makes a happy life." 

I redeemed myself Tuesday night after our horrific pasta-fiasco, with some delicious Taco Soup. But, really, anything tasted, sounded, smelled good compared to that devil-buttern-nut squash. 

Somehow the first week of November has been a week of survival. Two midterms. Being cut from the Seminary program, deciding when to graduate, considering grad school options, internships, etc. (Maybe more to come on that later). 

But, above all, Bronson and I had an uplifting weekend, so that made life okay again. 

Saturday morning, we attended my nephew Spencer's baptism. Spencer, is this little (and I mean little), guy that I don't think has ever gotten mad, he just bounces from one place to another, and is happy non-stop. Spencer finished reading the Book of Mormon before he was baptized and can arrange his own music on the piano. (That was the not the kind of 8-year-old I was, sorry mom!). 

Baptism's are refreshing for my testimony, because it reminds me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, and requires a few key things: obedience and love. Obedience to His commandments, and obeying Him because we love Him. 

That afternoon, we were able to attend a Memorial dedication ceremony for Bronson's cousin Ashleigh Cox, who died almost 2 years ago in an avalanche accident in Tibble Fork Canyon in American Fork. Because of the location of the accident, cell service 

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