there are two beautiful things that happened recently that are definitely worth mentioning. And since i'm already delaying writing that paper about how children in Bangladesh are malnourished because of gender discrimination, I'll just blog.

I didn't post last week, because I've struggling to find that line or being too personal, or too vague. After all this is my only journal-source, and so I often want to supply every detail, but then remember there is a public audience. However, if there wasn't a public audience, I don't know if I would continue writing--I like knowing someone is reading, so that maybe this isn't all in vain.

Last weekend Bronson and I attended my sweet nephew Spencer's baptism. Spencer is this little guy that is always bouncing, always happy, eager to help, and extremely nice. (So just picture, the opposite of 8 year old Emily).

Spencer finished reading the Book of Mormon before he was baptized. Once again, I hid picture books in front of my Book of Mormon during scripture study growing up. Alice-Anne and Gary are awesome parents, and I am always taking mental notes when I am at their house, and see them parent.  I'm glad my parents were able to attend, as well as so many John's family. I love any excuse to have a family gathering.

Later that morning, we drove to Tibble Fork Canyon in American Fork, where we celebrated the life of Ashleigh Cox, Bronson's older cousin. Ashleigh died in an avalanche accident in the Winter of 2014, months before she was to graduate BYU. I never met Ashleigh, by I already know she was one incredible girl. Her smile beams, everyone talks about how fun she was--the ring leader of all the cousins I am sure. I really wish I could have known her. The Lone Peak Fire Department fundraised to install a phone up in the canyon--as cell reception is unavailable--to help save other lives from terrible accidents. Grandma & Grandpa Gardner, Jessica Phillips, The Cox Family, Bronson, Jessica, and I were there.

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