why my thursday was awkward and awesome

Considering I'll be on my way for vacation in about 36 hours, with a group research project to finish (alone), 7 hours of work to catch up on, and other homework, it only seemed like an appropriate time to blog.

Don't want this baby to get too rusty during the school week, because not like thats prone to happen ;)

First, awkward.
::  Overhearing someone's break up story of how her-almost-fiancee broke up with her over text, and they had the temple date scheduled. Geez, kids these days.
:: One of my group members telling me how he checks up on the baby with his web cams installed in his house, and app on his phone, only to find out 10 mins later, the baby isn't even born yet. I didn't really followed either.
:: Having one of your mission buddies be one of your TA's, and so you ask them LOTS questions and pray they don't judge you.
:: Someone telling me they haven't had a microwave for 3 years, and even after I reminded them we live in America! First world country here, people.

:: When I am home alone, I secretly turn up the heater a ton, and then eat some ice cream. The irony.
:: Watching Jimmy Fallon hashtag clips -- why did I only find out about these two days ago. Thank goodness Bronson knows how to culture me.
:: Having 5 classes canceled over the next 2 days. Looks like professors are giving up just as much as I am. Can't blame them.
:: A heater, did I mention that already. I like my normal air temperature to be like Hawaii all the time.
:: Listening to Christmas music, with Christmas decor up and its not even Thanksgiving. #mytradition
:: Not so awesome for Dallin & Janelle, but awesome for me, because they've been without power, they are driving to my parents house for refugee and now I get to see those cute cute cutest little girls.
:: Everyone says true love differently, but Bronson said true love to me, when he saved me the very last bowl of the coveted "Reeses PB cup" cereal. I guess the way to our hearts is our stomachs.

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  1. Wow thanks for putting me on the awkward list! ;)


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