my 2015 Ambitions

Last year I made 10 goals for the year of 2015. Heres what happened...

1. Attend the temple, every. single. week. 
Definite room for improvement. After Elder Ballard came and spoke to us at Stake Conference and urged us to go twice a month, our goal changed. 

2. Read the entire Standard Works!
Nope, but I finished the Book of Mormon within this year! I finished it on Fathers day, which I felt was extremely fitting because it was my mom and dad who really taught me the scriptures--the geography, the people, the stories, the lessons. 

3. Run 300 miles
Not quite, but I ran more miles this year than I ever have in my life. Currently NikePlus says I ran almost 100 miles this year. Granted, all those miles were with in the first 5 months of the year. But I've got some plans in this general area for next year. 

4. Cook one new recipe a month
I didn't do this quite every month, but I think I made up for it, by trying a new recipe at least once a week after we were married (I mean, lets be serious, spaghetti would even be a new recipe for me!)

5. Floss my teeth, every. single. day. 
Dang. I really got to master this. This will be on my forever resolution list. 

6. Print my blog
I think I decided, unless we win the lottery, we won't be printing our blog, just because its extremely expensive. I think there are other things I'd rather print, and I don't mind keeping this digital (as long as blogger never dies). 

7. Print all my mission letters
ALMOST finished with this! Maybe another month working on formatting, but I've already printed a small book for my mom this year, I am definitely less intimidated now. 

8. Get a 4.0 Winter 2015
I was THIS close. I got a 3.93 GPA  (4 A's and 1 A-)this semester! I didn't even get that good of grades in high school! Thanks to Bronson! I love school now!

9. Break my knuckle-cracking habit
Uhhmm......maybe in the next life?

10. Do something I've never done before!
Married Bronson James Gardner. By far the best thing I'll ever do. 

Time to start working on some new ambitions for 2016!

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