Christmas break!

We've been in Astoria now for almost 24 hours and it hasn't stopped raining once.

This Christmas break has been super fantastic, and since I haven't blogged at all, I need to do a monster post. This Christmas has been infinity times better than last Christmas (i'm sorry but its true), because this time Bronson and I were able to be together the entire time!

Dallin & Janelle, and their girls from Spokane came, and Julia & Austin from Moscow, ID also joined alittle later. Of course, Vivienne & Brett, and Ondalynn & Gary and their families, also joined as well.

So the best part of Christmas was spending time with family. Something cool about my family is how much we talk. It takes us about 2 hours to get up from the dinner table, and we just end up talking instead of playing a game.

Bronson was incredible for driving all the way through to Gresham -- it probably is what contributed to him getting sick this break, but I am so grateful he did that (because, lets be serious, driving in the dark in the snow, after an already long day of driving does not sound fun).

Saturday, we dedicated the day to watching the BYU vs. Utah play in the Las Vegas Bowl. Sadly, BYU lost, but they were not defeated. During half-time Sydney asked me to run with her so she could prep for her basketball try-outs, but holy smokes she killed me. I couldn't keep up with her, and begged her to just walk alittle bit. #auntfail

After the game, Vivienne took me, Bronson, and some kids to play at the arcade in Gresham. Little did I know how fun that would be! The arcade was about 3 times larger than the nickel arcade in Provo, and I guess everything is more fun with kids. Noteworthy, I was THIS close to beating the top score on the basketball shooting. THIS close.

(the kids flock around bronson all the time). 

Sunday morning, the girls and I made these super yummy ginger spice cookies. my waist line proves it. I think they really only wanted to join in the cookie making so they could keep
 licking their sugary fingers. 

The final product....I told you there were DELICIOUS.

Bronson reading to the girls.

Continued on the next post. 

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