Christmas Day

Rainy Christmas morning!

Bronson insisted I take a picture of here you go!


Dorothy and Norah made beautiful necklaces for my mom (that she wore the entire day--it was cute!)
And Gary Johns sewed Julia a BYU apron--the man is a jack of all trades guy.
The Gardner grandparents gave us these ornaments of the different names of Christ (which I reallllllly wanted when I spotted them at Desert Book earlier that month). 

I got Bronson a tool bag, and a level (which I learned is not called a 'leveler' ;)

 Not pictured: My big gift to Bronson was a dremel, and the more i learn about it, the more I like it and think how much fun its going to be!

The Power of Everyday missionaries is one of those presents, that isn't actually a present, but something that we recently bought. I have this obsession with opening presents, so I found things and wrapped them. :)

(oops the pictures of me opening presents are on bronson's phone. So you will just have to imagine me freaking out about opening up a sewing machine! guys. a sewing machine!)

The little girls had really special big presents which they had to wait to open at the very end...this is them waiting.

And they got....American Girl Dolls! (I still want one to this day!)

Our Christmas bomb.

We gave my mom a brand new stationary bike. My mom has been too kind to us and always treated us with what we need and want, and treated herself last. Mom deserves the best though. When she attended lots of therapy sessions because of her polio, they recommended a stationary bike where you can move the handles back and forth but don't need to push the pedals. I'm so happy she finally gets what she needs!!

The missionaries came caroling at our door Christmas evening...

And we all decided Awkward Family photos were a must. Hence... I was really hoping we could all stand in a line, with hands on each others hips, just to kick up the awkward factor even more.

sure love my family....even if the noise decibel levels in the house reached its maximum capacity.

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