Dorothy's Baptism and alittle extra

Dorothy's baptism was really sweet, and tender. Probably two words that describe her. I often was wiping away tears throughout the entire service, because she is the most angelic little girl. She always wants to help her sisters, quickly picks up Gwendolyn if she ever starts crying, and patiently sits around the dinner table--acting more like an adult, than me. I love little Dorothy. 

Look at Bronson...he's a pro. (holding Norah)

 They ONLY stayed in this picture to give me kisses because I promised to give them M&Ms. Works every time.

And this was about the best we could do for our "picture by the Christmas tree". 

In the afternoon, we enjoyed more family time eating lunch and dejunking mom & dad's storage room. That storage room, however tiny, was a room to many of us growing up. Where there were no windows, concrete flooring, and only one lightbulb, not to mention the food storage bins that line the walls. And to be honest, it was probably my most favorite bedroom. 
I felt alittle like Harry Potter, mixed with alittle bit of old-fashioned. 

Dejunking prowess goes to my brother Dallin who works magic sticking to a project until it gets done, and deciding whats worth keeping and whats not. 

Later that evening the Gardner's came to pick up Bronson to attend a Blazer's game vs. Cleveland Cavilers (think: Lebron James team). In another world I think Bronson would be named LeBronson James Gardner. 

When we came home to was raining...but at midnight we got to open a few more presents. Bronson's family is really good about giving presents to each member of the family -- something I've never done, so thats been extra fun this year. 

a flat screen TV? i never thought I would ever, ever, ever, ever, ever own one! Thanks Gardners!!!

 And this wasn't our Christmas present...but it is definitely worth noting. Look at this! Isn't is beautiful! its a hope chest Jim made Michelle. Fingers crossed woodworking was triggered in Bronson's genetic coding.

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