even more Christmas


I made more cookies. I have this oddly large obsession with trader-joes chocolate covered oreos that would break my bank and forever change my waistline, so i try to avoid them. But then I caved. And made them instead. we bought Low-Fat oreos of course, to compensate for the rest of the calories.

These girls love the hot-tub. My family went caroling to the neighbors--another really big tradition--but I stayed home and got in the hot tub with the girls because Bronson still wasn't feeling well. They have the biggest imagination which is why its so fun to be around them.

A few cute things:
-When i was making these oreos above, Norah came up and said: "Oh! Ruby! Look, those look very very good!"
-They used the temperature/chlorine control floaty as a bouquet of flowers, as if they were getting married.


True to form. Julia & I went shopping at 1pm for my dads christmas present to my mom. Its unforgivable, but my dads a pretty great dad, so maybe next year he'll do better. 

We went over to the Vances for Christmas Eve. We ate yummy appetizers and played speed charades (super fun!). The Vances invited a young newlywed couple over--who weren't going home for the holidays. 

We also acted out the nativity and sang Christmas hymns. Even though Bronson wasn't feeling well -- I am beyond thrilled we got to be together the entire time (have I said that enough?)

We gave the Vance kids an autographed copy of a Studio C picture. They freaked out. Julia yelled "Oh my best friends are going to be so jealous".  

Christmas is way more fun with kids--they make it magical. Bronson became the favorite uncle as he showed the little girls how to track Santa and his reindeer. Ruby & Norah are STILL asking to watch Santa.

I got a picture with Paxton, so naturally, I have to document it.
 I wish I could live with these little girls--Ruby & Norah--they make everything cute.

 Do you see Gwendolyn's cheeks?
Christmas eve anticipation. 
Bronson and I cried alittle because he wasn't feeling well--and that just isn't fun during the holidays, but then we turned on some christmas music in our bedroom, and began wrapping the rest of the presents at 10:30pm. I had this little epiphany that Bronson would always make life fun. Regardless of circumstances.


  1. what the heck!! you made the trader joes cookies and never told me? Those look delish! how did you do it? okay so many things to comment......i love that girls are constantly flocking around bronson! So cute! And he was such a trooper to join in so much even when he was sick.
    Also, I love that you all 5 of you are sitting on the couch. I laughed out loud. And poor Bronson is pretty hanging off the couch. hahaha! I got to hear the story of how you got all the signatures. Was it from Stacey?
    anyways, we need to chat! Keep blogging! I miss everyone!

  2. I'm going to have to steal some of these great photos for my Christmas blog. Oh my, we have such a cute family!


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