more Christmas

Bronson is still sick and so i'm summoned to blog. Here is some more pre-Christmas festivities:


The little girls (Ruby + Norah) loved Bronson. A lot.

Monday, we decided to make a trip into Portland (even though the Portland city borders are only five minutes away from my house, its a trip into downtown portland).

We decided to take the MAX--you know, to make memories with the little girls, so they could have their first train ride--but it didn't go quite like that. There was a bad wind storm right as we left that knocked trees onto power lines, shutting down the train, and turning off stoplights. We decided to drive to Portland, Bronson and I slept the entire way. We went to Powells book--a book mansion and heaven for book lovers (think: 7 stories of books. and books. and more books). no joke. Its more like a museum because of the very interesting people you see in portland.

After Powells we decided to get donuts, but VooDoo donuts had a line as long as a block outside, and we didn't care that much, so we drove back to Gresham for some cheap donuts. We were the only customers, and the mexican donut maker was playing opera music. How fitting.

Julia & Austin were our chauffeurs and conversation mates. Its fun to have marries siblings!

That night, i had to finish the last Star Wars movie (what prize do i deserve for that, Bronson!?), and everyone else joined. 5 Adults sitting on a 3 person couch. (fun fact: Julia makes the BEST popcorn ever).


Fun chaos. We had all the local grandkids come over and decorate cookies. Uncle "Awesome" (Austin), made Star Wars sugar cookies with the boys--they probably thought he was immortal.

It was in anticipation of all of us going to see Star Wars later that afternoon.

Bronson kept little ones happy by reading books to them. Any time. Any day. Somehow he gets Paxton and Issac to sit by him for a full 30 mins, but I can't them to even look at me.

 Bronson and I made a gingerbread family -- but we asked a 5 year old to take our picture, so this is what you get.

Ruby flirting with Bronson, again.

That is a lot of people in one house.

After we saw Star Wars and had dinner, at 9pm, I began making caramel popcorn. This is a HUGE tradition in our household, that my parents have done since they were newlyweds and my grandparents did too. My mothers health isn't what it used to be, so I took over, and in case you are wondering it didn't taste nearly as good. Its a huge project, and we need people at every station, popping popcorn, stirring the caramel, stirring the batches of popcorn with caramel, placing on plates, and so forth. With many hands, we finished quickly!

I felt bad Bronson was still sick he couldn't join us.

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