Considering the fact I am sitting rejected in the DMV parking lot for not having my marriage license to get a new license (come on, they should just trust me, I'm the least threatening, young adult white girl in this county), I couldn't pass up the opportune time to blog.

And to be honest, although I'm mostly bitter, I don't mind holding on to the one last piece of plastic that connects me to being an Oregonian and being a Lewis. 

I really have to mention how great my birthday was! Luckily, my youngest child syndrome is slightly wearing off so mellow birthdays are now preferred. And the mission helped with desensitizing me to birthdays--so its just another day for me. But I sure don't mind all the presents. Thank goodness I came three weeks early instead of being a Christmas baby. 

Friday night, Bronson and I went to the Festival of the Trees, apparently Utah's display is the largest in the nation. I remember going every year when I was in elementary and middle school to play in the band or sing. Apparently when I was young I was completely ignorant to how elaborate those trees are, and how many people decide to go. I swear it was worse traffic than general conference. 

Afterwards, we hung out with my sister Alice-Anne and Gary, they even made me cake and ice-cream! Bronson and I got home about midnight, and we only had 15 mins left in our hallmark series, When Calls the heart, so we watched it, only to get some bombarders ring our doorbell at exactly midnight. Kacy & Hayley made the cutest candy-bar poster that I don't dare touch its so cute. 
I have the best friends!

Bronson and I went shopping, the BYU vs. Weber State game in SLC with Jessica and Allison, cafe rio, and then Stake Conference. We finished decorating our Christmas tree, and I [tried] to make a tree skirt...I ended up crying half-way through because I realized I didn't buy enough felt but....a bowl of ice-cream later, I was totally fine and finished.

So... you probably stopped reading by now, so heres some pictures:

I'm most impressed that they found a candy bar spelling "Impatient". Gosh they know me so well.

Allison, Jessica, Bronson & me.


My mom REALLY nailed it this year for my birthday present. She gave me a dress I've been wanting to buy for months! Thanks mom! And thanks Gardner parents for my dying wish. 

We went to Macaroni Grill a month ago and I told Bronson, my dying wish was to buried underneath that place because it was so delicious. Now we get to eat there and not feel guilty about it at all! 

yay for Christmas, and yay for not having to spend it apart this year. 

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  1. loved catching up on your blog!! I hadn't seen any of those pictures yet from astoria! So pretty!!!


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