a tuesday thats like a monday

I've had fantastic intentions to set some new years resolutions, go grocery shopping, and fold the mountain of clothes sitting next to me on the couch, and not make spaghetti for dinner.

How long does it take after break for every day NOT to feel like a Monday. It was the first day of school yesterday--well, first day of the semester, and by 11am I already looked like a mess. Hair up high on my head, and feathers flying everywhere because I still haven't fixed the rip in my down coat. #sigh

Did I mention I have a professor who has a beard? I spent the first hour of the class figuring out how he got away with it, and was THIS close to asking, just for fun. But I didn't. Turns out he has a beard card.

I had (past tense because I already dropped her class) a professor who gave me a migraine with her laugh and voice--its like I was back in middle school. cringe. She talked for 93 minutes about class ettiequte and what class objectives are. cringe again. I at least had the decency not to walk out of her class early, but I wanted to. Maybe its because she is a psychology professor who has permission to teach this class. For the record, sociology and psychology are two different sects, majors, everything. We are not the same people.

I have another professor who is rocks. Who is a flaming feminist, but solid in gospel--not saying that feminists aren't, but they tend to have their own ideas of how things should be, and she is nothing like that. Plus she served her mission in Argentina. I had her last semester too, and I just really really like her. (side note: she totally encouraged me to apply for the sociology grad school program at byu, but I probably won't. but thats how cool she is).

thats that. i'll be back soon with some pictures to wrap up 2015 and with some real resolutions (some day!). I have to make it look like i cleaned the apartment before Bronson gets home!

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  1. A Teacher's voice/laugh can totally make or break a class for me!
    Coming back from break is the worst! Good luck with your last semester ;)


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