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It was my childhood dream to be sick or break a bone. Now I dread and avoid both. 
I'm sick now, and I feel like I have a big fuzzy foggy brain. 

This week we've discussed post-graduation plans, which really haven't led to any tangible answer But we did entertain the thought of studying abroad in London this summer---for about 24 hours before we realized were ineligible to go because we are married.   #discrimination 

Bronson and I performed dealings on Friday after school. We were getting close to finishing our little session, when a small family came in -- mother, father, and son. They had a family name to perform. The sealer asked nonchalantly who this name/person was. She waited and responded "my dad." It was simply incredible to hear her experiences over the past two years to finally have the name ready to be sealed to his parents. I left the temple feeling that the only thing that really matters is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and our families. 

That night, we went to dinner with Jessica, and saw The Martian in the dollar theatre--interesting movie, but I would only watch it on VidAngel. It had the maximum cuss words before it was considered R-rated. (And we honestly had no idea...)
Anyways... heres Bronson trying endlessly to find a TV signal for our fancy TV. Nothing. The only way we got reception was sticking the antenna out the window. That really isn't going to work. 
The only reason why we spent a pretty penny on this antenna was so we can be fully prepped and ready for the Olympics this Summer in Brazil. 

Saturday : it snowed all day. Which is definitely okay in our books. 
It was an even better day when Bronson said, "Emily, do you want to buy some batting today for your quilt?" I wasn't going to ask him what he said twice, just in case he changed my mind. I literally began skipping in the hallway doing a "yes yes yes" dance. 

Later, I went with Jessica and Cecily to Elaine's bridal shower -- i like being reminded of young love -- even if that includes me. 

That night, we went to the mens basketball game -- all the way from (nearly) the highest row in the Marriott Center. (Sorry Bronson we were late!).

Today we had church. I play the piano for the ward choir. Last night in thinking about how we were singing in church today (and all the nerves that come with that)--and wishing I had another calling like--directing the music in RS, or being a Sacrament greeter, or anything really that doesn't make me nervous. I realized there isn't a calling in the church that doesn't require a lot of stretching, and growing, and being nervous, or intimidating or unsure. Maybe I should remember more often, that I don't have these callings because God needs me to get something done, but rather to become someone  in the process.

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