adios, Oregon!

There is this little tiny thing called "growing up" that hasn't always jived with me.
It always requires money--and usually a lot of it, responsibility--what, no more binge watching When Calls the Heart?, and sacrifice--instead of buying clothes, I actually have to do laundry.

okay, okay, i'm being facetious....but you know what I mean.

Last week, we shed two really big tears. One, I got my Utah drivers license, and two, we got Utah license plates. Its like we've been stripped of our unique Oregonian identity. Now nothing sets apart from the really bad-no good Utahan drivers.

I spent a solid ten minutes whiting out the addresses and all high security information on my new and old license, but then it just ended up looking like a really big white box, so i'm sparing you from the image.

The only difference between the two, i've gained weight, changed my last night, and my signature is worse. #winning

Bronson's chivalry has been much appreciated these days as he replaced licenses, and scrapes the ice off the car every morning, while i sit in the not-so-warm-car. :) (thats the one thing we are looking forward when we buy a car someday...)

Some other really cool things we've done lately..... 

We toured the Provo City Center Temple. I remember when this temple was announced. It was the Fall of 2011, I was sitting in my apartment alone watching general conference (eating crepes, thats important to remember), when President Monson announced it. From that moment I secretly hoped I could get married in that temple. Regardless, its only 3 blocks away from our apartment, and we have a beautiful view of it every day from our window. 

Heres the thing. Temples, are the most sacred place on earth that we can worship our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Doesn't that make you immediately want to start attending the temple more frequently? Bronson and I chose to be married in the temple, because it is only in the temple that we are able to make a family, an eternal forever family by making a special covenant with God. 

I'm so glad Jessica's was able to go with us as well--she's been the sister I never had at college. 

On Saturday, I had my roommates over for breakfast. Thats been the second time in our entire marriage i've actually made something for breakfast that wasn't oatmeal 
(and lets be honest, Bronson actually does that). 
The first time...was actually last week! 

From left to right: Nicole--she's an Associate professor at BYU-I, so she came to provo for the weekend, which clearly calls for a reunion. Kacy, my eternal MTC companion, and Hayley, my eternal roommate who lived with me longer than any other roommate in my life (even longer than Bronson technically), so that clearly is deserving of an award. 

Later that day, I attended a baby shower for my sweet cousin Lynette. Lynette and I have been best cousins since we were little and only lived two hours away from each other. We've had patterned lives, randomly being freshman roommates for summer term, leaving on missions a few months apart, and dating lives and marriage. I am so happy for Lynette--I totally admire her, because I just know what an important part and calling in life it is to be a mother--so I am really happy for her to start experiencing that phase of life.

I made a simple diaper changing pad...which I learned a few things I'll do differently next time. And even though it is perhaps bland in color--I purposely made it gender neutral (babies care about those kind of things, right? Just say yes).

Then on Saturday night, after going grocery shopping with Jessica, and visiting Grandma Moss' gravestone, I made dinner at 9pm. And now I realize why its nice to have a rice cooker. So this doesn't happen every time I cook rice and completely kill a meal (which half explains why we ate at 9pm). 

Sunday, I (sorta) redeemed myself with crockpot tacos...which we had not so yummy guacamole (i really should wait for them to ripe), and expired sour cream #alwayswinning

Last night, Bronson led his first pack meeting! Go Bronson!
I sat on the back row so I could take pictures, and this will sound silly, but I had these feelings again of when I first started like him--when he taught Sunday School in church.
This ward hasn't been the easiest to work with--and what ward is, but I am proud of his consistent hard work attending cub scouts every week and having a genuine interest in helping these boys progress. He always dedicates an hour each sunday to read more about cub scouts and what he needs to do as a leader. (this obviously isn't a picture of Bronson...sorry, those pictures are on the camera).

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  1. So glad you were blessed with such good friends and roommates. How fun you could get together. Your cooking experiences are a kick! Bronson is such a dedicated example of magnifying his calling. It's so wonderful that you live so close to the temple.


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