College lyfe

An accurate snapshot of life lately.
The only times I see my husband: dinner table and homework.

Successes today:
-burnt the bottom of the pot of soup tonight
-red eyes from staring at a computer screen for more hours than should
-spent $70 on groceries...wait, what?
-only had to watch 3 youtube videos to figure out how to steam broccoli. I swear things like that should've been a requirement to graduate from high school.
-intaking ibuprofen like a drug addict to suppress the sore tonsil. I have the lowest pain tolerance level, ever. ever. ever.
-debating on whether I should even try to reach my goal of running 10 miles before I cut my hair...did I mention I have fabulous self control? I almost made my hair victim to the scissors today because i can't wait any longer.


  1. Dude, I trimmed my own hair on Saturday. You would be proud. And I found an awesome method to do it without it looking obvious it was an "at home trim "

  2. You make the not so interesting things of life seem interesting. Love your writing.


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