Meet my brother

Ahh... the hum of the sewing machine. It was like meeting up with my long time best friend for hot chocolate. It was that good. Bronson felt it was documentary worthy. 

Remember that one time I mentioned Bronson got me a sewing machine for christmas? (insert high pitch squeal) In case you were wondering how I feel about it...I love it. Mucho.
During Christmas break, I unintentionally hibernated like a bat in a cave sewing upstairs for days. On a whim, I decided to make a quilt--maybe because Bronson said that I can't really buy more fabric until I use up what I have (gasp). Its not my fault I kept Joann's in business in high school, someone had to do it. So I brought a few scrap pieces of fabric with me to Oregon, and bought alittle to supplement and made something. 

But heres the first thing you need to know about me, so you can be completely and utterly disappointed me immediately about me being a seamstress. I am the laziest sewer ever. El fin. Don't believe me, think again. You'll see what I mean when I show you pictures of my "quilt". 

I didn't use a single pin to hold fabric together or a seam-ripper. I never set out exactly how the pieces would be laid out--I just grabbed two pieces of fabric and sewed (so intelligent, I know). I hardly measured anything at all. I didn't iron fabrics when I should have. As a result, some squares of fabric didn't quite line up like they were suppose to, but I am just hoping it stays well used or well folded at all times so the mistakes remain unnoticed. 

I even had to cut fabric during Jurassic World to keep me distracted. I much rather prefer movies gentle on the heart... like "When Calls the Heart," even if the title itself stops you from watching it, get over it, and watch it. 

big sucker for this fabrics. 

Well... here it is in all its-not-so-glory-- my very first, VERY beginner quilt--well just the top part at least. I need to finish this one quick, so I can make another one! 

And so now I'm in the beginning sewing class at BYU, even though they gave us 2 hours to sew 4 straight stitches, I am taking the class to master the skill of sewing know, the technical stuff.


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