Skiing: the Alta Crew

Heres the thing. Unconsciously I'm finally becoming aware that I am a home-body. Diagnosed and tested. I guess I didn't realized it, but when I was in high school, I would rather stay at home sewing, or watching a movie than attending the high school football games or dances. My parents even offered to pay me just to go, but I declined. As a diagnosed home-body, Bronson claims this is my one true Gardner characteristic. Lately, I've been trying to have less of the "no-fun-wife" syndrome, and start doing more on the weekends. Skiing was my first attempt. 

Heres the thing you need to understand, I've never been skiing before, and honestly, never made the effort to either. I mean, I've dreamed about doing it one day. My mom's side of the family are genetically trained skiers, straight out of the womb (think: my cousin just took her son skiing the other day, he's 1 years and a few days old!). 

Uncle Blaine offered to take us skiing and to teach us (win-win!). And so I tightened my britches and committed to going. I kept telling myself on the ski lift..."Emily you can either give child birth, or learn to ski, which one would you rather do?"... I obvious chose skiing. 

Here's the other thing about me. I am not fearless. Actually, I'm rather cautious. Especially the older I get (and i'm only 23!). I mean, duh, we don't have life insurance yet, or anything.. ;)
But the only thing that was comforting about any and all of this, was Bronson was going too, and he's never skied either, so I was guaranteed not to look like the only fool. (Except for the part where he only fell once, compared to my six). 

>> I have about 10 pics of us in this same exact position, because when we are on the ski lift, I was too scared to move my phone at all. So, i'll spare you all 10 same selfies. 

>> Jessica on the other hand is all fearless. First of all, she drove us safely through the canyon in snow (i would have just about died if I had to do that). Second, she just went down the mountain like she was riding a bike, we always had to catch up to her. 

>> (left to right: Eric, Jansen, Jessica, me, Bronson, Clayton) the Alta Crew
>> the view from the lodge, where Jessica and I waited patiently for the guys to do a couple more runs. We were...exhausted.

Uncle Blaine took a video of us skiing, and let me tell you, I felt like this, but looked like this. No joke.

Heck, I am just so glad I did it, had fun, was only sore for nearly a week. And even though we were late on returning our rentals (thanks to being stuck in the canyon for 3 hours! talk about quality bonding time), they gave us a discount.

the verdict: i'd go skiing again......... I think.


  1. Grandpa Smith is so proud of you...up in heaven.

  2. This is definitely still the best post on this blog, needs a follow-up. :)


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