lady of luck

I've had this insane amount of luck this past week, that only lasted about 24 hours. Too bad I don't gamble, I would have done excellent this week.

I haven't decided if it was my good looks and charming personality, or the semi-professional video I submitted, or my mediocre resume, or the good word that was put in for me, that landed me my dream internship at EKR. It was mostly my dream because people with Sociology majors either go into Social Work or Law School, and I didn't want to do either. This is an internship with gathering data and then analyzing it. Which is the equivalent to me walking into a chocolate store and sampling everything. To be honest, I don't know why I was chosen, but I am glad. Its only 5 blocks walking distance from our apartment and it will be flexible so I can have a part time job on the side.

Second, within 24 hours of getting said internship, I won the raffle at my work for 2 BYU Basketball tickets against Portland. Awesome, right? First, because its actual tickets -- so 100x better than the student section, and two, because its against Portland my hometown. My big regret this year was not going to as many basketball games as we did last year. (Sorry Brons!)

This is where my lucky streak ends. I really could have used it on my sewing test though. . .

Heres the low down as of lately:
1. I've gotten realllllllly into this show called "Fixer Upper". I blame it on the fact that we don't have cable at home, so I soak up some good HGTV when I like something. This is just too awesome.
Chip and Joanna Gaines - a married couple with 4 kids, show other families 3 dumpy homes, they pick one, and make it a fixer upper. What it is to me, is what ESPN is to Bronson.

2. Bronson surprised with me an idea to make a thread spool holder. I had sent him a link earlier that week with a desk, peg board, and other things I wanted to make in order to have a sewing corner in a future home. Yesterday, he said we could build a simple one using his dremel. Its only slightly ghetto, because we were working with limited tools, but it works, and I really like that its homemade. We did it in about an hour before the BYU vs. Gonzaga game.

I just need to sand it down where the wood glue dripped everywhere, and maybe paint it. 

3. Blue and Gold Banquet.
This dinner celebrates the birth of Cub Scouts. Last Sunday, Bronson and I delivered invitations to all the less active families with boys in the cub scout age range. I didn't think much of it, but as a result 3-4 families came that I've never seen before. It made me so pumped, that I want to do this for the Relief Society Birthday dinner I am in charge of!


  1. Blessings! Go Bronson with the Dremel! Woohoo!

  2. How did I miss so many posts?! It was fun to catch up on them tonight! even though you told me about most of this stuff, it was fun to see pictures and the other details I missed out on:) you guys are so cute! :)


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