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This week although not very eventful was still good. My motto was making zero plans, because for the last couple of weekends, I have been back to back busy--and I just wanted to not have any plans.
(I lost my #funwife streak).

Wednesday, we loved having Lynette and Ian over for dinner. They are expecting alittle girl in just in just a week or two. Lynette and Ian were married in May in Portland. Lynette is my best cousin friend, I know I've said that a lot, but its true. Kudos to Lynette for doing the whole-new mom-going to school-being an apartment manager-thing. She makes one cute pregnant lady, I mean, seriously, she still has a perfect jaw line.
I've been taking a humanities class this semester--my last general--and I'm loving it. I waited until this semester to take it, because it beyond intimidated me, but I lucked out and got an incredible professor who makes you love what you are learning. Its a small class of only 30 or so, but we ALL do the readings, participate, comment, and pay attention. Its been absolutely remarkable.
I'm loving what I am learning. This week we talked all about Baroque music--and it reminded me of what I played on the violin. I pulled my violin out for the first time in 8 months and started practicing. It can be frustrating how rusty you are, but I've already seen in improvement with my second practice. I played this Baroque piece 10 years ago! I never play more than 30 minutes at a time, just for my neighbors (and maybe Bronson's) sanity.
I have this uncanny ability to not feel well when I promise to go to sports games with Bronson--and its the biggest game of the season. #wifefail.

Let me explain, BYU played St. Mary's on Thursday. This whole week I've been back and forth sick, and Thursday I felt it the worst. I came home from school after the Internship fair (fingers crossed something works out with a company called EKR who love sociology majors!). I feel asleep and never woke up to my alarm so I could go pick up Bronson for work. (face palm x 10). I felt so bad, I was 45 mins late to picking him up. Considering he already had a bad day didn't make it any better. It was too late by then to go home, get dinner, and get any reasonable seat at the Marriott. Thank goodness we have a beautiful TV for him to watch it on, but he nearly held that game over my head like the Nebraska BYU game last year!
Even though I am a legal resident of Utah now, I still feel like a tourist--because I find myself taking pictures all the time of the mountains while driving. Can you blame me? This week its been a perpetually white campus.

 On Friday, Bronson, Jessica, and I attended the Norman Rockwell exhibit in the BYU Museum of Art. Talk about incredible.

Just pretend we took this picture in New York City....not in Provo. 

Afterwards, we got dinner early (I'm perpetually hungry, and not pregnant). And so I begged Bronson to get dinner at 4:45 pm. He obliged. We watched a lot of Numbers that night, an older tv show, that solves FBI cases with math. We decided to get goldstone that night, and fancied seeing the entire Studio C cast in line behind us.

Bronson and I had an unusual but great Sunday. We caught an earlier Sacrament meeting, and then from 11-3:30 we directed traffic in the underground parking lot for the Provo City Center Temple Open House. Bronson is sporting a nice sun burn on his face because he was outside the entire time (thank goodness it wasn't snowing!). I was below in the underground parking lot--which you may think sounds nice and protected, which it was, but think: ICE BOX. it was freeeeeeezing.
I'm starting to feel my toes--6 hours later. All in all, it was a neat opportunity, I felt like an airport traffic controller. ;)

 These are the icicles right outside our complex...Bronson's trying soooo hard.. haha

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