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Im in this mood right now that anything calls for some sort of celebration. Like, how I finished my humanities test today--and how I know all about those big wigs, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, King Louis XIV, or Bach, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Handel, you name it.

Or, the fact that dinner wasn't burned, and we had no idea what we were doing. I mean, how can you really make enchiladas wrong...but thats what I said about making rice, and that went wrong too.

Or how, I have this internship interview, and I finally dusted off my resumes from high school, besides a mission, I have done NOTHING outgoing in college. Go me! Who knew pinterest would be such a good resource for resume templates.

Yesterday, we decided we'd eat stir-fry for dinner, because I was trying to see how long we could go without absolutely having to buy groceries. (Thats one of those moments where Bronson reminds me we are in America, not Argentina). Regardless, Bronson was adamant about buying stir fry sauce at Smiths on our way home. I didn't mind, after all there were some Oreo truffles I have been itching to make. Determined to only buy 2 items, we walked about with a weeks worth of groceries. How does that happen? (When you are reallllllllly really hungry, people).

And. get. this. I just really need to tell you how good I am at baking.
In case you don't believe me

Me vs. Pinterest #nailedit

I can't decide if we like cereal or not. Its his breakfast food, but my therapy food. 

Still kicking it like i'm 16. 

(this post is a few days late. sorry). 

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