V-day roundup

Bronson and I ended our Sunday tonight by attending a baptism for alittle boy in our ward. Bronson is his cubmaster, so we wanted to go -- turns out, this ward is like a family, and it was standing room only. Everyone came. That was so neat to see.

Let me catch up from last weekend -- the three day - V-DAY weekend.

Friday night, we ordered pizza, and Jessica came over to eat and watch a movie. (I prefer Friday nights inside if you can't tell).

Saturday morning, while I got my hair cut, Bronson cleaned the entire apartment! (Man of the year !)

The rest of the day, we had to do a little shopping at...Joann's. Bronson thinks we should invest in them, just because we already give them all of our money anyways. sorry brons! But the good news out of saturday, was I found the fabulous curtain all alone in the clearance aisle at Bed Bath and Beyond, calling my name. Bronson hated it, I LOVED it. So i bought it of course. Just think, it could make like 4 skirts!

We did some shopping with Jessica -- mostly alot of dreaming -- as we walked through every aisle at Lowes, wishing we could build and redesign homes. (Its actually all I think about before I go to bed at night..weird, huh?)

We met up with the Cox's and the Phillip's (Gardner family) for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Sometimes you just got to have you Valentine's Dinner family style. (The Old Spaghetti Factory is where Bronson and I went after we got engaged -- so we always like going).

We came home and I sewed a 10 foot "heart-felt" (get it! ;) garland. I reallllly didn't intend for it to be that long. It just kinda happened. We watched "Glory Road", since Bronson got it for $5 in Brazil.

Valentine's day, I sewed valentine decor pillowcases in the morning before church (but I ran out of thread, so that stopped me pretty quickly)
Maybe its because we sat in a different place at church, or maybe it was this feeling of Valentine's day, but I really loved church that day. I felt really inspired, confident, and really happy with everything.

That evening we had Jessica for dinner, homemade chicken noodle soup, and chips and gaucamole. The weirdest combination ever -- but really tasty.
We later had Cherry 7-up floats.

For my gift to Bronson for valentines, he really wanted to watch "Lego Brickamentry" on Amazon. A documentary all about Legos, legos, legos. He really loved it, and I feel asleep I did too.

Bronson saw that I got frustrated with running out of thread while sewing that morning, and bought 24 spools of thread the next day for me. Its EXACTLY what I wanted.

Monday, I spent three-glorious- hours sewing my curtain skirt. (I really just want to be the real life Maria from Sound of Music). Except that glorious turned into not so glorious because I didn't read some instructions closely enough on a tutorial and now my skirt is no-likey. :(

Later that afternoon we tried going bowling with Jessica. But, as would have it, every mormon family in the entire Utah County had the same idea, so with a "1 hour wait time" to bowl, we decided to get frozen yogurt instead -- and since we couldn't really think of that much to do, we went walking around downtown Provo. I never realize how much charm downtown Provo has, but I also realized, there really isn't much to see except for overpriced stores and restaurants.

That night, Bronson and I "dressed up", meaning I didn't wear a sweatshirt and boots, and went to Macaroni Grill -- my second love, for a fancy Valentines dinner (yay for Birthday giftcards!)

The rest of the week was per usual. I applied for that internship and for a job (it has benefits!!!!), but we will see if anything comes from either.


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