Weekend Gardners

There are the "Week Gardners" and there are "Weeekend Gardners". Theres a big difference.
During the week it seems we are attached to our computers doing school and work, and then during the week its hands off technology.  It usually means we get to attend the temple too -- like Ward Temple Night this week! I love that yesterday we went and picked out a diamond (thank you!), built the thread holder, did some cleaning and went to the BYU vs. Gonzaga game. What a game -- made us cheer so loudly and want to pull our hair out at the same time. We got Cafe Rio and watched "Moneyball".  Last weekend we pretended it was summer and rode our bikes by Utah Lake -- even in it all its frozen glory. I prefer the "weekend Gardners" to the "Week Gardners".
 And some weekends (*once a year), I might even make breakfast. Its not a good sign when even Bronson notices its the second time EVER I've used the waffle maker. :)

Old news but good news... My visiting teachers left a heart attack on my door for Valentines day. 

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