5 things i'm saving my pennies for

This is entirely random. I thought I'd share things I'm interested in right now. I'm sure my 40 year old self, will look back and mock me. 
1. Just by looking at it, you are probably wondering what those are. They're called hairpin legs. I fully intend to build my own sewing desk using those puppies. 

2. Cuter than cute stool, right? Luckily they come in a million colors so i could have one in every room of a house. just kidding, but you get the idea. 

3. Hand power sander. completely practical, which isn't always typical me, but there are so many uses for a sander. and a jigsaw too (don't ask me exactly what a jigsaw does, I just know it cuts things, and Bronson knows how to use it, so together, we can make everything DIY). 

4. I need all of my children to have this entire series of books. They depict the jane austen books (and other famous books) but at a very kid friendly level. love it! 

5. these chairs. be still my heart. this would be my sewing chair. 


  1. Love all those things! My sister has a bunch of those BabyLit books and they are SO adorable. Same sister actually just bought those cute chairs in yellow for her new house! Very good taste. :)

  2. I have that pride and prejudice book :) Its super cute!


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