Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow

Its another weekend, which usually means an untouched backpack...except for this weekend.

The majority of this semester has been the most low-key homework free weekend semester (and we aren't complaining). This weekend...and really this whole week found me behind in everything. My poster for the research conference next month hasn't even been touched and its due on Monday. My usual mentality "due tomorrow, do tomorrow" ISN'T going to work. *whimper*

So, by 9am I was at school, studied before I took my humanities test, then spent a couple more hours in the library. We came home to go hike the Y, and eat some fro-yo, because no exercise is fun without alittle motivation for afterwards, am I right? maybe thats just me.

You know what the best part was....I guessed the exact price of my fro-yo which means I got it free. So if that doesn't mean anything to you -- that means a) we get $5 extra dollars in our "eating out budget" and b) thats a really once in a life time moment. #bigdeal. therefore, I'm a #bigdeal.

March is Bronson's favorite month because its basketball 24/7. Its the only time we consider watching tv acceptable during dinner. So i'm going to get back to that right now......


  1. Sorry for the lame homework but glad you got to get out! I heard it was super pretty today in Utah! And cute picture of you two. Maybe I'm a wimp but standing on that Y always freaks me out! You slip once and you are toast!

  2. I would add that I wish that I could have hiked the Y with you, but at this point, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it. So I'm thoroughly loving the pictures of MY KIDS who hiked the Y. Living through my kids whom I LOVE SO MUCH!

  3. You guys know how to have fun! You're hilarious, Emily. Bronson will never have a dull day with you around.


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