holiness to the Lord

(pretend this was posted a few days ago)
this week is Easter.
and last week we saw the Provo City Center Temple dedicated. I remember sitting on my couch my freshman in college and hearing that the burnt down tabernacle would be restored into a temple. Now, i'm seeing completed. Bronson and I volunteered to "clean" the temple after the dedication in preparation for the general authorities that would attend Monday. It ended up being 3.5 hours shorter than planned, so we spent another hour sitting and walking around the temple. love love love this temple.

in preparation for general conference and Easter I've started listening to the mormon channel's podcasts of "Stories from General Conference". They combine all the best quotes about service, love, sacrifice, marriage, Jesus Christ, from general conference into one podcast. love it. I've gotten out of the habit of listening to these, so its good to get back to it. Bronson and I listen to the conversations podcast on roadtrips.

I can't wait to spend more time in the temple!

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity to clean the newly dedicated temple right after it was dedicated! So nice you're so close, too, and can see it from your apartment. It is always a symbol of inspiration to you. I like your ideas about preparing for Conference. Loved the pictures of you two outside the temple. So cute!


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