In the bottom of the 4th

Over the weekend, Bronson and I attended the BYU Baseball game. (my first thought was "baseball....BOOORING"). But listen, considering BYU Baseball is doing super great right now, I don't ever mind watching BYU win. Like tonight, I turned on the game just to motivate me to do the dishes. It was in the bottom of the 4th that BYU was close to scoring a run that I sliced my hand just a teensy bit while washing a knife. Fail. Only a few minutes later, when they score a homerun did I manage to pour the apples for the pie in the dish without the crust. Fail again. 

Warning : the rest of this post is dedicated solely to food. 

Yesterday was pi-day. And I'll take any excuse and holiday to let me have alittle taste of Thanksgiving in the middle of the year. I bought all the ingredients yesterday, I just didn't manage to make it until tonight. I know, go ahead, bat your judging eyelashes at me for using pre-made crust. 

A random grocery shopper was teaching her daughter the secret to making the best apple pie was to have half tart and half sweet apples. I nonchalantly put 3 of my tart apples back in their place and waited until she was gone to grab the 3 sweet. 

This is from my Instagram: The two things I love most: Semi-sweet chocolate chips. And when Bronson buys me semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

now, to be fair, he did buy them, it was with his credit card. but the part I left out was me graveling at his feet in the aisle for him to buy these babies. we've made cookies lately with all we had left which was milk chocolate chips, and it just isn't the same. I must be the youngest child, because this 4lb bag came home with us that night. Yay. Yay. Yay. It also helps if you had a bad day, it just seems way more justified. 

Oh, you don't take pictures of your groceries like I do when I get home? Thats weird. 
For many months I've had really bad stomach aches and we haven't really figured out why, until recently when I decided to take action, call the doctors, read advice on line, call my sisters & mom, etc. One conclusion we've come is it might be best to eliminate diary for my diet, at least to see if its the cause of my problems. I was convinced this would be a sinch. Sure...dairy is easy to replace, i can just buy almond milk, or soy, or coconut, I mean the possibilities are endless. Riiiight. Except, all those milks are like 10x the cost of cows milk, and there is just nothing that can replace Farr's ice cream.  N-O W-A-Y. So, after swearing an oath to be dairy free -- we can home from the grocery store like this .... the struggle is real. 

Look at this picture. Did I not just redefine the meaning of "breadwinner". 
Yeah, I thought so. 

If you are all impressed right now by that beautiful loaf of bread, thats great....but what you don't know is that this only took me 8 months to get up the courage to make bread. Bread and pies are something I've never made solo without being under the watchful eye of my madre. Luckily, we ran out of bread, so it forced me to do it....and it was't that bad. Don't ask me for the recipe though, I never keep any after I make something. Oops. 

And then..... my cookies. They were as thick as a stick of gum, and could only be plied up by a cheese slicer. I mean, I just can't get any worse at cooking these days. 

In other news, which I have no pictures for:

On Friday, Bronson and I went to the temple. You know you're old and boring when you want to go to bed at 9pm on a Friday night -- I couldn't keep my eyelids open, but he convinced me to watch one episode of "Last Man Standing," and I swear I was laughing in my sleep. #newfavoriteshow

Saturday, Bronson, Jessica and I went to the BYU baseball game as already mentioned. Afterwards we took a bike ride along the provo river trail -- dang those tunnels are sketchy. We came home made bread, dinner, did laundry, picked up shamrock shakes from McD's and hung out with Jessica before we played Acquire (a family favorite of the Lewis') with Ian and Lynette.

Sunday morning I have found to be the best time for me to practice the piano for ward choir. I was especially nervous for Sunday because even though I had practiced the really tricky parts slowly over and over again, I could never get them. It was a neat experience for me as I played that those parts I stumbled over so much I didn't even miss a note -- it was an answer to my prayer that the music would bring the Spirit into the Sacrament meeting, thats all I wanted. It was another time I felt God's love for me, I love those moments.

Sunday we had our BYU Lewis Cousin's dinner at our apartment. Whitney, Myreel, Jasmin, Harrison, Logan, and Madison were able to come.


  1. I love that your posts are about food! We speak the same language! #ilovefoodtoo :)

  2. Wow! I'm impressed by that bread and apple pie! You scored by picking out your apples at just the right time. How did they both taste??? So glad you were able to host all the Lewis cousins. You guys are so cute. Have I told you that lately?


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