my expiration date

I have been given an expiration date for my college life. It's April 22nd.
As of yesterday, April 22nd is when I will be inaugurated as Bronson's "suga-mama" queen. 

Yesterday, I spent a few hours signing packets and packets of legal documents for my new, "big-girl" real job. You know, the kind where they pay you more than minimum wage, with some benefits, and even a 401k plan (wait, what is that again?   just kidding, kinda. sorta). 

If there is one thing I'm learning its that I want to stay a college student forever. It probably mostly has to do with the fact that I'm actually getting good grades, but it also has some real benefits like: only allowed to work part-time,  flexible class schedules, tax-free things at the bookstore, a change of classes every four months, a free pass to work out in the gym, AND you get to go to school with your husband. Therefore, life as a student rocks. Which probably explains why I had a break down in the car driving home from my job interview last week. It was the 5 year old me not wanting to do the very inevitable....grow up. 

I won't be getting a day of summer this year. At least not until I've worked enough to get a few days of paid time off, which will carefully be used for important things like Christmas and Thanksgiving, not a day of summer of course. Bye, bye Disneyland plans. *pass me a kleenex* 

Do you feel bad for me yet? Well you really shouldn't. I have this uncanny talent of not being able to say no to things or people. This makes me a really bad decision maker (expect when I married Bronson, that was an all around best decision I made). (think: me in the ice cream line, asking to try every single sample, or me at a Redbox stand, you might as well put an out of order sign on my back, because i may never finish finding a movie). 
So when the boss asked me to start working now, like today, I said yes. Even though, I'm a student who already works whats considered "full-time" for students. And I really didn't factor in how this would significantly cut into my HGTV watching time. What was I thinking. 

Its like I'm back in high school where I'm juggling 3-4 part time jobs, but actually trying to keep up with school work (I didn't really do that once I got accepted to byu...I've since repented). 
 So, let me warn you...if you're wondering why the back seat of my car has turned into my second wardrobe, its because I walk to my car, change, and drive to work. If you're wondering why I will religiously live the law of Taco Tuesday, its because now I'm a real working wife. If you're wondering why I might say no to hanging out with you, its because I'd rather sleep than eat. If you think I look tired, its because I am. 

And in case you don't feel bad enough as it is, go ahead and enjoy my first attempt at homemade rolls. I just like to think they were extremely over ambitious rolls that on purpose quardropled in size, but actually, I just really stink at time management, so when they had perfectly risen and ready to go into the oven, it was 10 minutes until church. That meant, they got to rise another 3 hours. So. Go me! 

The good news is I DIDN'T bake the rolls with the plastic on them... #makingprogress

Heres the skirt I finished for my sewing class. Looking at it, it looks like a piece of wrinkled green fabric wrapped around my body, but I SWEAR, its fancier than that. Nothing I've made has ever made me ever say so many profanities in my head and burst into tears so quickly. 

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  1. I love your writing. Always so clever and makes me laugh. You are something else! Hope you can get some sleep somehow in that busy schedule. Did the rolls taste good? They looked great. And your skirt looks really cute on you. Well done!


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