On Thursday, I held a little bit of heaven. Lynette and Ian had their baby, Sylie Anne on Feb. 22. I finally got to stop by and hold her. Newborns are so tiny and perfect. I'm so proud of Lynette -- having a baby is slightly terrifying for me -- and she seemed to handle it so well.

Later that night, Bronson and I picked up my ring. Ohhh boy its gorgeous. They say diamonds make love last forever, and I used to think thats slightly nonsense, but now that I have one, it just is so beautiful, I can't get over it. We just feel so lucky we were able to get one -- it means alot to us. Sadly the picture doesn't do it justice.

Friday - Bronson had an interview in SLC for an internship that we are crossing our fingers he gets. Even though it would be a long commute, it would be perfect because the Front Runner is right next to us. That afternoon, Jessica, Bronson and I went to Lehi Outlet Malls. Bronson knows how to find good deals and sales when I'm complete amblivious to it. We got me a winter coat -- which I haven't had since I had to leave mine in argentina because I couldn't fit it in my suitcase. And boy, I love that thing, I could sleep in it if Bronson would let me.

We tried Xaxby's -- a southern restaurant food chain. It was tasty -- but if I were to ever go to the south, I might have to lie and say I'm allegoric to oil, because EVERYTHING on my plate was fried. ;)

Saturday we cleaned like usual and watched BYU beat Santa Clara in the WCC Tournament. We then went to Heber for the rodeo we've been looking forward to for a month. My absolute favorite mission companion is one of the best cowgirls in the state of Utah, and even nationally. We watched her compete in the final round of goat-tying. How cool is that? Being up in Heber made us itch for our own house *sigh*, one day.

I had never been to a rodeo before - and boy, rodeing is a way of life. We walked in to this staunching smell of livestock. It only took me about 20 minutes to get used to it. I felt slightly out of place as being the ONLY person sans cowboy boots and hat. This is peoples lifestyle, culture, and society. When I told someone I was from Portland, and he said he was from Kanarraville, I knew then we grew up very differently. Him on a ranch, and me in small neighboorhood.

But wanna know a secret, I kinda loved it. I loved watching them bull ride, bareback ride, tie up goats and calves, and steerwrestle. Lets be honest, I'm even scared to stand next to a horse, but it was so fun to watch.

Kyna did awesome, she rode out on her horse, jumps off of it, has to grab the goat, throw it down, and tie up two of his legs. The goat has to stay down for at least 6 seconds. Obviously the goal is do it as fast as you can. It was one of her slower times, but the goat actually stayed down, compared to the majority of other contestants who were disqualified for their got standing up.

Its pretty impressive, Kyna is the only that competes from Dixie State -- since there is no team, she trains herself, and competes individually. #kynaforpresident

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