Best hand placement award given to Julia, for finding the perfect groove of Meredith's armpit. 

Julia unearthed this gem back from 1998 or so. Meredith, Julia and I, call ourselves the "Phase 2 sisters", considering there are three older sisters above us, with a few brothers peppered in between all of us. I had this unbreakable habit of calling my sisters when they moved to college all the time. So when I moved to college, my habit didn't change much. I would clock in about an hour everyday with Meredith on the phone (poor Meredith). Undoubtedly, the mission was providential and I didn't talk on the phone with my sisters for a whole 18 months (which stunk big time). Julia and my mom wrote faithfully every week.

When I started dating Bronson, I talked to them less and less because naturally I wanted to talk to him more. And now that we're married...its like I was single all over again and call them. Not because I'm unhappy, sad, or have problems (like I did when I was single), I just call them because I honestly like to talk too much (biggest complaint of all my mission companions, hands down). I call Julia every Monday and Wednesday at 10:45am exactly as I make my walk from work to school. And then I call Meredith every Tuesday and Thursday following the end of my afternoon classes when I walk from school to my car. (I obviously have to wait until the afternoon because Hawaiian is alittle behind on time).

I don't know why I spent 325 words explaining when I talk to my sisters, but I did. I love staying connected with them and their lives. We have a group text that we talk on EVERY single day, almost every single hour. I love when Meredith sends pictures of her kids, especially of one I haven't even met (what a crime not to have met your 1 year old niece), and your 3 year old nephew only once. I love that Julia teaches me how to eat a plant based diet or tells me the updates on BYU Sports nation.

I just can't imagine life without sisters.

P.s. "Seesters" is in honor of how the asian sisters say "Sister" in the MTC. 

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  1. Awww!! I should let you know I have no friends, so don't feel bad calling ;) I could use some adult interaction even if it's over the phone.


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