What I am doing instead of watching the debate

Last time I watched the debate... I was tempted to throw a chair out the window; shave my head; take up drinking (okay, not really, it just sounded dramatic), and become democratic (until I remembered the nominees). It made me loathe Trump more, which frankly, I assumed impossible, and made me want to give Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz a big group hug, a few knuckle pounds, and two high fives. 

So tonight, instead, I'm blogging. And writing about the very important and not important. 
First, take a looky at Downtown Portland. A view I enjoy, since most of the time we are driving too fast down the freeway for me to embrace the beauty. Wow, that just sounded really hippish of me. 

Second. I have 5 sister. Which means there are 5 different diets going on in our family. Some are vegan, some are plant based, and some are normal eaters (thats me!). Okay, so thats only three diets, but you get the point. 

I make it obvious to my healthier eating sisters that I am not ready to step into that phase of life yet where I say goodbye to the milk cartons and heaven forbid, adios to the ice cream gallons. Bring on the dairy. Bronson thinks dairy is a good portion of our happiness. #truth

So incase you are looking for the most anti-vegan-plant-based Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe -- this is the one for you. It breaks every health nuts (pun totally intended) heart and dreams. 

Third. Out of some miracle, I've ran more miles in the past two weeks than all the months combined since last June. *GASP*. Lets gasp for the miracle of me running more than for the LACK of me running all last year. I thought this picture would be worth a thousand words, but now I'm just realizing, its when the treadmill was completely stopped, so it appears I ran no distance, no speed and no incline, and perhaps for only 2:26 mins. Wrong-o. This was after I ran 5 miles -- which almost took me a freaking hour, because the treadmill counts down like a time bomb for how long you've been running. My relationship with the treadmill is like a baby who needs milk. I just quite can't get myself to run outside by myself, which you probably think is crazy because its beautiful here. But, a) I live in South south provo. And B) I live in South south provo. 
C) you get the picture. oh and D) because a paved sidewalk doesn't quite keep my pace going like a treadmill <--- the real reason I'm a pansy. 

Tuesday, our Relief Society celebrated the Relief's Society Birthday (March 17, 1842).
We have a couple in our ward who owns a restaurant and catering business. They were extremely generous and kind to open their restaurant to ourselves for dinner that night. There was a fire, music, and I really loved how intimate it was with all the sisters. Considering they provided the meal, location, and supplies, we hardly had to do anything. I got to take a new sister in our ward home named Princess, she is from Congo and I left feeling SO good inside from that dinner (maybe thats how people always feel after Enrichment, I'm usually too stressed during the activity that I instead I always feel relieved once its over).

We amped up the nerd status in our apartment, as Bronson was generously given a monitor to make his working space bigger and better. Now he can program like a pro with his dual screens. The monitor is the size of my childhood TV, so we are living the high life over here. 

Here's my newest addition to my wardrobe. Don't be alarmed if you see me wearing in 90 degree weather. I love it, love it, love it. I will take it off for no circumstance other than taking a shower. But that is strictly it. 

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  1. Oh my! That banana bread makes my mouth water. Looks fabulous! Good for you for hitting the treadmill for all those miles. So nice you could have that RS dinner at such a lovely restaurant. Sweet!


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