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General Conference happens twice a year in our church. And after each conference, I get this feeling that I wish conference was every week. My parents ingrained in us this love for conference at an early age -- it was the big thing to get to go by yourself to conference with mom and dad when we turned 12. Abolishing all family rules and traditions in our family, I, went at 10. I remember sitting in the terrace level and standing up as President Gordon B. Hinckley walked in. I instantly knew by the way I felt that he was a prophet of God. And I've never questioned since about the truthfulness of a prophet, the apostles, this gospel, anything.

My professor is super big about saying we should stop attending "general" conference and start attending "Specific conference." I (ashamedly) didn't have any questions or concerns I had in mind before attending conference -- and I think thats okay -- I still received inspiration about what I need to do differently. It was interesting that at our family dinner on Sunday when we talked about our favorite talks -- we all mentioned the same person, but yet got extremely different take home messages from it.

We were lucky the Gardner's came down as well as my dad. General Conference to my dad is the super bowl to America. Thanks to the Gardner's for feeding us SO well this weekend and making the entire weekend fun. Sunday night, Alice-Anne and Gary hosted us for a Sunday dinner, where Elliott indoctrinated us with everything there is to know about lego building.

Here are a few of my take-away messages:

"There is little purpose to our lives if we don't lose ourselves in the service of others," - Cheryl Esplin

"What if their story was my story," - Linda K. Burton

"The magnitude of the closeness we feel to the Savior, depends on me (each of us)," - Pres. Henry B. Eyring

When things in my life don't go right, what is my first response? - Elder Donald L Hallstrom

I don't have to feel or have a burden of hate, anger, or resent. I can CHOOSE to forgive.
We are all Saul like individuals, with Paul like potentional.
Forgiveness is the very reason why God sent His Son, so rejoice in the opportunity of forgiveness
- Elder Kevin R. Duncan (can you tell I really liked his talk)

"I doubt our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wanted us to just experience this feeling when we were baptized only once. They want us to feel it again and again." - Elder David A Bednar

Hold Family councils. And hold them often. - Elder Ballard

(Okay and then I sporadically feel asleep throughout the rest of the sessions).

New rule of life, LIVE in this hotel forever. They had a 24/7 all you can drink hot chocolate bar...and boy was it delicious, even at 75 degrees. Bronson modeling said hot chocolate bar....

An event (ALMOST) just as good as conference was the NCAA Regional Womens gymnastics meet here in SLC. Utah apparently is fancy stuff, as it was a sold out meet. We did the so embarassing inevitable hold your fingers up for tickets, until we got 3 (for free!!!). So cool to hear all the ins and outs from the master gymnast, michelle!

first, Bronson ran into an Elder he served with in Brasil. Turns out, he's from Argentina, so I was able to talk to the family, and find out that one of their daughters had served in 2 areas I had served in years ago, and that their son was currently in the area where I started my mission in Argentina.

Second tener mercy. Friday night, Bronson and I went walking downtown to buy some medicine. I was walking past a store, when I recognized the man checking out at the counter was the area 70 from my mission in Neuquen. I creepily waited outisde the door for him to come out and talked to him. Wish I could see more people from my mission....


  1. You were junieblake-ing it up at conference!👊🏼 and that's so cool you made it into the gymnastic meet!
    Ps. The first picture--you look identical to Julia. I had to do a double take even though I knew she didn't go to conference! Haha

    1. Meredith -- I know its like JunieBlake should pay me to be a walking advertisement.. and MAYBE they should consider naming a dress after me too!


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