Graduation, part 1

So my one real unanswered question is... do I get to sign "B.S." after my signature now? Thats what I would really like to know.

It seems surreal that I won't be waking up at 6:30 am anymore to get to an 8am class, but instead, 8am work. Heres a little list about all my thoughts with graduating, since in a list, I can say alot in few words.

  • I'll miss attending class, but won't miss the midterms and quizzes
  • I wish  I would have realized its cool to get good grades your Freshman year
  • Attending the graduation ceremony only makes me want to obtain more education
  • Its important to obtain an education because you are made aware of how ignorant you really are, and learning only broadens your understanding 
  • I didn't know it then, but I could have tried to get involved in clubs
  • Even though I spent more time trying to figure out my major than most people, it gave me a chance to get a taste of many different majors like communications, family life, communication disorders, and sociology. 
  • I'm realizing no one really knows what you do in your major unless you actually do it, so don't discredit what seem like "easier" majors. 
  • Professors actually want to help you. So ask them for help. 
  • Studying for tests actually works. Hmmm.. took me too long to figure that out. 
  • I can say I only skipped class a handful of times in the past 4 semesters 
  • I truly believe that you don't have to be intelligent to succeed. Studying and working hard really makes the difference. 
  • Everyone that is reading this is probably graduated or not in school...but hopefully I can engrain this into my children's brain someday.  
Get yo' self ready for a picture palooza!

The morning before Thursday's Commencement exercises, we attended the Provo City Center Temple. Now let me tell you, its busy. But luckily we got in and out in a decent time.
if you are interested, you REALLY (and I really mean really) watch this fascinating documentary on the Provo Tabernacle to Temple "Beauty for Ashes". After lunch at our apartment we went to the Marriott Center.

My cousin, Alejandra, graduated Valedictorian of Political Science (Woot!), so she sang at Friday's convocation ceremony. Go Alejandra! Just to prove to you how under qualified I would be to valedictorian, I had to spell that the word: Valedictorian. 

Guys look, it Sara on my right and below, Hayley on my left. They are one of the main reasons I chose to walk and graduate in April, because I wanted to do it with them!
I've been in almost every Sociology class with Sara, and we sit by each other everyday. Its absolutely essential. So grateful for all she did to help me and make everyday fun. Sara will be attending Law School this fall at BYU.

And Bronson... the man that helped me love education. So grateful for him, for being an example of succeeding in school and helping me do the same.

And my dear parents, who have now put 6 of their 9 children through BYU, and 3 in BYU-I. Lets not forget how much money I still owe them for tuition, so needless to say, I have them to thank for allowing me to gain an education -- an education that I absolutely love!

My parents treated us to Cafe Rio that night in spanish fork -- you know, to escape the Provo traffic and crowds. That night we had a cousin's party at our apartment -- that went for over 3 hours! Ahh. We pretty much all lost our voices because you can't just "talk" at a Lewis gathering, no, in order to be heard, you have to "yell".


  1. You can say a lot in a few words. Well done! Loved this post and all the great pictures. Love you! Proud of you!

  2. This was a really post. Love the pictures and reflectiond

  3. This was a really post. Love the pictures and reflectiond


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