my funeral for today

be forewarned, this post is dramatic -- mostly because its coming from me, the Dramatic Darla that Bronson says I am. 

You're all invited to my funeral for today's events. I'm going to bed any minute just to avoid anything else from going wrong. In all the colorful language I can use...TODAY SUCKED. (pardon me).

Last night, I realized that we hadn't done wash for awhile, and therefore we're out of some basic necessities. So I decided, if i was going to be up late doing laundry, I might as well make some chocolate chip cookies too!

I threw the colors in the dryer and the whites in the washer. We went to bed, and I repeated in my head 10x "put the whites in the dryer first thing when you get up". I was confident I would remember, which is probably a great indicator that you'll most likely forget. Which is exactly what I did. I was showering and then screamed "BRONSON! PUT THE WHITES IN THE DRYER PRONTO!"

When I got out, I heard the washer machine going. (cue confused, alarmed, what the heck is going on face at Bronson).  Bronson let me know that I never put the lid down to the washer, therefore, the clothes got a 12 hour soaking, but never washed. (SILENT SCREAMING IN MY HEAD). Awesome. I realized the dryer was so loud I didn't realize that the washer hadn't been going. Long story short, we didn't have clean stuff to wear today. Again, sorry for the TMI, but this is just how my day went.

In my rush to get out the door when we were already late thanks to the washer-fiasco, I couldn't find the skirt I was looking for to wear at work this afternoon. So, in my very desperate moment, I grabbed a pair of slacks I bought years ago, and never wanted to unearth because they just don't fit well. I had no choice. I didn't even know if they would fit on me its been so long.

In case you were wondering, I was able to button the pants, so we are all good. Dodged one crisis. Later during my shift, one of the managers said, "you know we can't wear opened toed shoes to work," thats where my heart drops to my stomach, again mourning for what is now the end of my beautiful open-toe shoe freedom. I own exactly 2 closed-toe shoes that are business casual appropriate, and I hate both of them. One of them I got when I was 16, from goodwill (no one ever has a good fashion sense at 16, no one), and the other pair was a pair of flats I found the day before our wedding. I wore them the day of the wedding -- and all the adrenaline and excitement made me completely ignorant to how uncomfortable they can be. And not to mention the fact they are a royal blue which means they probably match with approx. 1 or 2 outfits. Wow, those are really unimportant details.

I came home, exhausted and was bound and determined to have a few bites of cookie dough before making dinner -- just to give me some life. (Okay, so maybe 1 or 2 bites turned into 5, 6, 7, okay or maybe 8). But thats because when I got inside, I realized my iPhone screen cracked when I dropped it on accident in the parking lot. Granted my iPhone case was only $2 on amazon.
So here I am kicking myself for not buying a $15 case to save a $100+ screen repair. Bronson said, "well, at least you learned your lesson." Yeah, but heres the thing, I HATE learning lessons like this! N-O  F-U-N.

After having to pry my natural-man hands off the cookie dough bowl, I started to make dinner (Which really means, I needed to warm up some spaghetti sauce. Because something we found out, is that an entire box of spaghetti noodles lasts us 3 dinners! Wahooooo!). But then, just to make things even better, I couldn't even open the lid, and I tried everything. (actually only like 5 times, but it was 4 times too many for me). I then impulse bought a pair of closed-toe shoes online, because lets face it,   I will not attempt fashion-suicide with ugly closed-toe shoes. And thats that.

I'm happy to say this horrible day is coming to an end.

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  1. Hahaha--"no one ever has good fashion sense at 16." 😂
    Thanks for a good laugh even though I know it was a crappy day!


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